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    War in the Pacific National Historical ParkWar in the Pacific National Historical Park Tamuning, Guam
    The War in the Pacific National Historical Park has become a protected area that was established in 1978 in honor of those men and women that took part in the Pacific theater of WWII, on the island of Guam, on numerous sites that make up the park. It is considered to be very unique among the National Park system since it honors the bravery and sacrifices of everyone that took part in the Pacific. In 1941, Guam would be captured by the Japanese and then liberated by the Americans in 1944, so the park has many trenches, historical buildings, caves, battlefields and gun emplacements. It has been announced that the park will be showcased on the 2019 Washington quarter that is part of the America the Beautiful Quarters series. The park has become well known for its outstanding climate, sandy beaches, historical resources and beautiful turquoise waters that entice visitors to come on in and enjoy. There were many soldiers that died here, and the suffering had been difficult for all those located on the island, and a magnificent memorial called the Asan Bay Overlook, has 16,142 names of Chamorro and American casualties that would suffer or die here.

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    Fort Nuestra Senora de la SoledadFort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad Tamuning, Guam
    this fort was one of the last Spanish forts to be constructed in the 19th century that was built to protect the Spanish galleon trade. It rests atop a cliff located south of Umatac, Guam, having a commanding view of the harbor and bay area, as well as all of the ocean approaches. The fort was restored in 1995, and the cannons of Fort Soledad still face out towards the ocean, alert to any that may invade or attack them. It was here that Magellan would land in 1521 to make the first contact between the islanders and Europeans. The fort is also known as Our Lady of Solitude and is in great shape, considering her age, and a wonderful place to visit, relax and enjoy the ocean and beautiful scenery. You might see some spinner dolphin swimming along the shoreline, with many areas to sit and rest, and often there are vendors that come here to sell fresh fruit and drinks. There is still a stone sentry box still sitting on the grounds, where the guards would be on constant lookout for any invaders coming in from the seaward side. And three cannon are still poised out towards the ocean, still waiting to handle any ships coming into the harbor without an invitation.

January 12, 2014