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    Great Wall at Huangya PassGreat Wall at Huangya Pass Tianjin, China
    situated in the mountainous region of Tianjin's northern Li county, the Huangyaguan Pass of the Great Wall was constructed in the Northern Qi dynasty during 550-557 AD, which was fixed with bricks during the Ming dynasty in 1368 to 1644Ad. Qi Jaguang would be appointed the commanding officer of the Ji Garrison, and he would start adding watch towers and defense works. It is the most visited destination to Tianjin, and considered to be a miniature of the Great Wall of China, with the whole section built on a mountain ridge, and endowed quite naturally with the most exquisite views and scenery to seen in the world. It has become a favorite summer retreat, and contains the Taiping Mountain Stronghold and Huangyaguan Pass. The people of this city would spend three years repairing the 3308 yards of the main wall in 1984, as well as restoring 20 terraces, the Bagua castle and the Huangya water gate. Now, the defensive part of the wall is finished, with watch towers, emplacements, drain holes, frontier cities, barracks and other military facilities that have been placed on the wall in an orderly fashion. Other newly constructed buildings include the Beiji Wall Museum, the Phoenix Fortress and the exhibition hall of famous couplets.

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    Tianjin History MuseumTianjin History Museum Tianjin, China
    this museum is the biggest one in Tianjin, China, showcasing a number of historical and cultural artifacts that pertain to the city of Tianjin. It is situated in the Yinhe Plaza in the Hexi district of the city and covers more than 150,000 square feet, with a very unique architectural style whose appearance is similar to a swan spreading its wings, and has become one of the city's most cherished iconic symbols. It houses an inclusive collection of ancient Chinese fine arts and displays about the city's excellent history, with a collection that totals over 200,000 pieces, of artifacts and art, and includes; historical documents, paintings, calligraphy, coins, antiquities of modern days, jade, seals, ceramics, bronzeware, inkstone and jiagu, which is the bones or tortoise shells with inscriptions from the Shang dynasty.

January 11, 2014