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    Hubei Provincial MuseumHubei Provincial Museum Wuhan, China
    this fabulous museum is one of the most famous in the nation of China, with a big amount of state-level historical and cultural antiquities, opening in 1953, and moving to its current location in 1960, and getting its current name in 1963; with more additions being built in 1999. It is situated in the Wuchang district of Wuhan, China, in the Hubei province, not too far from the East Lake of Wuhan. There are over 200,000 cultural artifacts from the nation's Chu culture and other areas, that includes the Sword of Goujian, many relics from the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng and an old set of bronze bells, Bianzhong.  Its collection contain pottery, bronze vessels, jade, porcelains, musical instruments, ancient weapons and cultural artifacts. It is divided into three halls, that include; the Chime bells exhibition hall, the Culture exhibition hall and the Comprehensive exhibition building. 

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    Guiyuan TempleGuiyuan Temple Wuhan, China
    this temple is a Buddhist temple in Wuhan, China and part of the old city of Hanyang city, constructed in the Shunzhi 15th year, of the Qing dynasty around 1658 AD. It occupies 4.67 acres of land, and a new pavilion was built in 1922 to house the treasury. The structure is a classical example of architecture found in this area of China, and inside is a huge hall that contains 500 Luohans or disciples, in different positions, with each one showing a different facial expression; that showcase the full spectrum of human expressions. The temple also houses a 105 ton Buddha that is sculpted of white stone and given to the city by Burma in 1935.

January 11, 2014