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    Henan Provincial Museum Henan Provincial Museum Zhenghou, China
    this museum is located in Zhengzhou, China, in the Henan province, and houses an art and history museum with a marvelous collections of over 130,000 pieces of cultural artifacts that have been acquired through its years of operation. Besides the collection of human history, the museum also is home to numerous artifacts of natural history that houses dinosaur bones and fossils, with the current building that opened in 1997, contains over 300,000 square feet of space. Part of the collections include prehistoric artifacts, porcelain and pottery wares from the numerous dynasties of the Chinese culture, and bronze vessels of the Zhou and Shang dynasties. The interior contains regular exhibition halls, provisional exhibit halls and specialized exhibition halls, and showcase any collections that are housed there. It is one of the oldest museums in the nation, and in 1927, General Feng Yuxiang who was the leader of the National Revolutionary army and chairman of the Henan province, stated that education is the essential politics of a country and in the next year, a founding committee would be started.

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    Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty RuinsZhengzhou Shang Dynasty Ruins Zhengzhou, China
    The ruins of a large Shang dynasty city can be seen in the ground in the Henan province of Zhengzhou, China, and showcases the Erligang culture of the Shang dynasty. Once the Shang dynasty had been established, its capital would be moved about eight times, and this site is believed to be the old one of Aodu that Zhong Ding moved his capital or bodu where he would live as the Emperor Tang of Shang. The city had been shaped in the form of a square, where in the northeast parts, numerous sites of rammed soil foundations have been uncovered. The sites had been where the palace sat, with other areas that provided evidence that pottery making, bone processing and bronze casting had been done, for the workshops and tombs that are located in and around the city. Quite a few bronze objects were discovered in the vaults found in the city, that included an imperial set of big sized beautiful bronze ritual objects that had been the symbol of the state power of a slave country.

January 11, 2014