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    Aberdeen Art GalleryAberdeen Art Gallery Aberdeen, Scotland
    This is one of the main visual arts facility in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, opening in 1885 in a structure designed by Alexander Marshall Mackenzie, with a permanent collection of works by the Scottish Colourists and post-impressionists as well as crafts and applied arts. Its central hall is supported by huge granite columns that come in a variety of colors, that have come from various quarries in the region where the colors are quarried in the different locations. An important war memorial is located in the western side of the building, with a room inside and monument without. Their collections include fine arts, with major strengths from 1850 to the current day, as well as outstanding holdings of 19th and 20th centuries Scottish art, and early 20th century English art. Then the applied art collection contains more than 15,000 objects that include examples of textiles, ceramics, applied and decorative arts, metalwork, jewelry, glass and costumes. The maritime history collection is where everything that pertains to the construction and sailing of the nation's shipbuilding days, with an excellent collection of captains paintings and ship models from 1689 to the current day. The science and industry collection records the working lives of the people of this marvelous city and technology has changed it, their communities and their work and leisure time. The archaeology collection showcases the wealth of the archaeological history of the city and the northeast parts of Scotland, where important excavations have occurred in the medieval burgh since the 1970s. This collection includes leather shoes, textile fragments, rope and wooden relics and other rare organic relics that have survived the centuries. Another excellent part of their collections includes the coins, banknotes, medals and tokens that includes 16 gold coins that date from the 13th to the 20th century, with 14th century coin hoards discovered in the city.

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    Gordon Highlanders MuseumGordon Highlanders Museum Aberdeen, Scotland
    This museum celebrates the history of the Gordon Highlanders that became active in 1881 and would continue until 1994, with uniforms, weapons and medals with outstanding media displays that include phot0graphy and film. A magnificent collection of 12 Victoria Crosses are showcased, from the 19 that were awarded to the regiment when it was active. The museum houses the regimental treasures of the highlanders that became one of the most famous regiments in the British Army and also includes, silver, textiles, art, diaries, papers, documents and another 4000 medals besides the Victoria Crosses. Other exhibits include; new acquisitions, early history, the armory, India, Afghanistan, South Africa, the Grant Room, WWI, WWII, cold war, post war and amalgamations. The magnificent museum is housed in the former home of the well known artist, Sir George Reid, and the museum is still growing, with a unique experience for visitors of all ages and locations. The Gordon Highlanders were raised in 1794 by the 4th Duke of Gordon, to become a regiment of Highland Foot or infantry, and original designated the 100th Regiment of Foot, and then later, the 92nd; officially becoming the Gordon Highlanders in 1881. A large number of the original recruits would be picked from the Gordon estates, and assisted by the 4th Duke's wife, the Duchess of Gordon, Duchess Jean. Legend has it that the duchess offered a kiss to anyone that joined her husband's regiment. They had originally been created during the French Revolutionary Wars, and they would see action against the French at Egmont-op-Zee in Holland in 1799, and then an expedition in Egypt in 1801. It would also play a significant role in the defeat of Napoleon at Quatre Bras and Waterloo in 1815. They have an excellent history and you can read it all when you visit, as well as view many of the relics from these campaigns. In 2006, they would merge with the nation's five other infantry regiments to form the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

May 16, 2011