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    Morris Museum of ArtMorris Museum of Art Augusta, Georgia
    The Morris was founded in 1985 as a nonprofit foundation by William S. Morris, III, in memory of his parents, to become the first museum dedicated to the collection and exhibition of art and artists of the American south. He purchased 230 pictures for the museum from Southern art collector, Robert P. Coggins, in 1989, with Keith Classuen appointed as director the next year. In 1992, it would open to the public welcoming more than 10,000 visitors in their first two months. There are over 3000 works of art in its permanent collection, while the museum hosts musical events, exhibitions, hands-on art programs, and educational programs, and it is located next to the Riverwalk Augusta and the Savannah River. Their excellent collection contains works from the Civil War, self-taught artists, antebellum period, genre, late 20th century and contemporary, still life, impressionism, early to mid-20th century and landscapes. Those artists included in the early 20th century works include; Paul Ninas, Lamar Dodd, Nell Choate Jones, Edmund Yaghjian, John Steuart Curry, John McCrady, Augusta Oelschig, Marie Atkinson Hull, Stephen Alke and Frank London. Late 20th century artists include; Tom Makashima, Jack Leigh, Don Cooper, John Baeder, Virginia Derryberry, Jack Spencer, Ida Kohlmeyer, Philip Morsberger, Benny Andrews, Jonathan Green, Herb Jackson and William Christenberry.

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    Augusta Museum of HistoryAugusta Museum of History Augusta, Georgia
    The Augusta Museum of History in Augusta, Georgia was founded in 1937 to preserve and showcase the exciting history of this city and the surrounding regions, with many images, dioramas and relics being displayed that pertain to the broad spectrum of Augusta's history. Their permanent collections include; Augusta's story, the transportation corridor, WBBQ, the city's most popular radio station, Susan L. Still Children's discovery center and the Georgia Railroad and Banking company. A few of their current exhibitions include; the Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown, From Ty to Cal: A Century of Baseball in Augusta and A Community that heals. Their collections begin more than 12,000 years ago when the Native Americans lived and hunted here, with a full scale diorama of the Stallings Island culture and an interactive computer game brings visitors through the American Revolution, with slave made pottery and other relics that look at the antebellum period. There is a CSA Second National Flag that flew over the Augusta arsenal and a 12 pound bronze Napoleon cannon tube that had been made at the Augusta foundry. There are many such relics that help describe the period and the Civil War, in Augusta's story in the permanent collection. The transportation corridor contains a 1900 farm wagon, a 1917 steam locomotive, a rebuilt 1930s gas station and a 1952 Dodge power wagon. There are many things to browse and enjoy at this excellent museum that offers you the finest picture of the period and history of this great southern city, and the many trials it had to endure to make it to the 21st century.

April 18, 2011