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    Wylie House MuseumWylie House Museum Bloomington, Illinois
    The Wylie House in Bloomington, Indiana is a historic house that was built in 1835, to become the home of Andrew Wylie, the first president of Indiana University, until his passing in 1851. After his passing, and then his widow's death in 1859, Theophilus Adam Wylie, a professor at the university, and half cousin to Andrew, bought the house from their heirs and his family would live there until 1913, when his widow would pass on. Now, the Wylie House is an historic house museum that is operated by Indiana University Libraries so that it can interpret the lives of these outstanding families. In 1915, Dr. Amos Hershey, one of the professors of political science at the university purchased the house from the Wylie heirs, and as he and his wife, Lillian lived there, they began the first important changes to the structure. They would modernize the bathrooms and kitchen, adding a furnace, screened in the front porch along the first floor, enclosed the second story porch and removed the ground floor pantries. They also added pediment awnings over the front entrance and a small slanting roof over the east door to the kitchen. Herman B. Wells, the president of the university would help it acquire the house from Hershey's widow in 1947, who would continue to live there until 1951, and between that year and 1959, it would be used by the Indiana University Press. Between 1960 and 1965, the college would make significant restorations that brought the house back to its original configuration. It now called the Wylie House Museum and showcases the house as it looked before 1860, using an inventory from 1859 as a guide, with many excellent Wylie family heirlooms and period pieces.

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    Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume CollectionElizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection Bloomington, Indiana
    The first professor of clothing and textiles at the university was Miss Elizabeth Sage, who would found the Sage Collection in the late 1940s. It is overseen by the Department of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design and has become a resource for the public, students and professionals. Their collection houses a high-quality permanent museum collection that is intended for display and research, as well as a hands-on collection that can be used in the classroom instruction and fashion design studios. Some examples of this outstanding collection includes; ready-to-wear apparel, military, occupational and sports uniforms, Senior cards, Indiana's unusual expression of school pride and affiliation, hand-crafted haute couture ensembles, a big button collection and garments designed by Hoosier natives Bill Blass and Norman Norell. It also contains videotapes, DVDs, home sewing patterns and fashion publications. It doesn't have a permanent exhibition or display space, so the exhibits and events are scheduled in different venues around the area. Some of the numerous exhibitions now being shown include; Child's Play: Aesthetics, Gender and Fashion; Fantasia: Fans from the Sage Collection; The Allure of Dress: Function, Fashion, Fantasy, Fetish; Bijoux: The Jewelry of Esther Collyer; Was There a Mrs. Kinsey?; Bill Blass: An American Designer; Stitches in Air: Five Centuries of Lace; the Nineteenth Century Revisited: Sartorial Silhouettes; Flights of Fancy: The Art of Fashion's Surface Design and the Collection/Recollection: Objects Donated by Residents of Meadowood Retirement Community.

April 19, 2011