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    Museum of BrisbaneMuseum of Brisbane, Australia
    In 2003, the city of Brisbane, Australia would open its official museum in the city hall, that had been the location of the Brisbane City Gallery, but today houses the social history museum that looks at the stories and dreams that illuminate the past and present, offering visitors an opportunity to imagine the city's future, after getting positive feedback about the lack thereof. More than a million and a half people have been welcomed thus far; with a marvelous changing exhibition program that celebrates and honors the city's history, craft, design and visual arts. The MoB exhibitions have been founded on a strong community based relationship with their input along with the artists and curators, that become the exhibitions and local products that are sold in their store, without an entrance fee. Current exhibitions include; Somewhere in the City: urban narratives by Robert Brownwell, Platform: Public Art installation, and Send: From telegraph to text. Since the museum is about the city, its people and history, they have put many other exhibits online for your perusal and enjoyment, that provides works from the awesome Elliot Collection that was incredibly discovered underneath a house in 1983; which is a collection of photographic glass slides that has captured the city between 1890 and 1921 through the eyes of local photographer, Alfred Elliot.

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    Lone Pine Koala SanctuaryLone Pine Koala Sanctuary Brisbane, Australia
    In the Fig Tree Pocket suburb of Brisbane, Australia, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary can be visited, after being founded in 1927, and is now the oldest and biggest koala sanctuary in the world. Its name comes from the single hoop pine that had been planted by the Clarkson family, who had been the initial owners of the land. It started with two koalas named Jack and Jill, it would become world famous by the second World War, when many Americans, including Douglas MacArthur's wife, would come here to visit the native Australian animals that have endeared themselves to every society in the world, much like the beautiful panda bears of China. Other wildlife that can be seen in the park include Tasmanian Devils, wombats, kangaroos, echidnas, numerous types of reptiles, and a platypus that came here from Melbourne in 2010. It is one of the especially few in the world that allows visitors to hold a koala for a fee, with very strict regulations assuring that the koalas are only held for 30 minutes a day. Visitors also have a wonderful opportunity to feed and pet the free-roaming kangaroos that live in a five acre open reserve that houses about 130 of the unusual animals; some have joeys inside their pouches. There are many colorful and beautiful Australian cockatoos and parrots, along with other Australian birds like emus, kookaburras and cassowarys. Free flying Rainbow lorikeets fly to the sanctuary for the specially prepared nectar meals that are provided at the sanctuary, where visitors have an excellent chance to feed these free flying birds two times each day. The sanctuary puts on a birds of prey show twice a day, with numerous types of raptors that are encouraged to showoff their speed, agility and outstanding eyesight. The Taz devils are fed in the afternoons, with the koalas being fed in the midmorning and mid-afternoon, scurrying from branch to branch to reach their feed of fresh gum leaves. The sanctuary also has a small farm with sheep dog shows that the entire family can enjoy.

May 2, 2011