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    Glenbow MuseumGlenbow Museum Calgary, Canada
    Calgary, in western Canada, seems to have one of the biggest museums in the province with more than 93,000 square feet of space sitting in over 20 galleries with a collection of more than a million objects, and named the Glenbow Museum. In 1966, when the Glenbow-Alberta Institute was created, after Eric Harvie had donated his huge historical collection to the citizens of Alberta. The museum sits in downtown Calgary across from the well known Calgary Tower, and maintains the Glenbow that is open to the public and contains not only museum collections, a great art collection, archives and library. A new permanent display opened that is called, "Mavericks", on the third floor tracing the history of Alberta through 48 influential people, in 2007. It houses four main collections; mineralogy, cultural history, military history and ethnology. The Cultural history collection has more than 100,000 objects that originated in various corners of the world, giving some insight into the lifestyles of Western Canada that dates from the late 19th century to the current day. Its holdings include; textiles, Alberta pottery, pressed glass, Western Canadian folk studies, numismatics and northern explorations. The Asian collection is on semi-permanent loan from the Bumper Development Corp, Ltd., and includes; paintings, masks, reliefs and masks as well as sculptures in wood, stone and metal from the Hindu and Buddhist cultures of Asia that date from the 1st century to the 18th. Their ethnology collections contains about 48,000 objects that had been created or used by the indigenous peoples of North America, especially from the Northern Plains, and arctic, Northwest coast and subarctic areas and certain areas of Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania. Mineralogy collections include; minerals, precious and semi-precious stones from across the globe, especially Western Canada; with its specimens chosen for their exhibition value and mineralogical importance. The Treasures of the World expo is quite popular with visitors, rock hounds and geologists, of all ages that want to enjoy the depth and diversity of the earth's minerals. This exceptional display also houses a display of Fool's gold, rock crystals of every color of the rainbow, a part of the earth's oldest rock and minerals that glow in the dark. There is so much more to enjoy and see, with the military history gallery, the art collection and the library.

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    Calgary ZooCalgary Zoo Calgary, Canada
    East of downtown in Bridgeland, Calgary, the Calgary Zoo is the second biggest zoo in the nation, with animals displayed by geographic region and include; South America, Destination Africa, botanical gardens, Canadian wilds, prehistoric park, Eurasia and Australia. The Calgary Zoological Society was started in 1929 and has enjoyed an exciting and interesting history. Destination Africa has been recently expanded to include two new areas called the African Savannah and the Transalta Rainforest. In 2004, an Asian elephant was born there, but sadly, was rejected by her mother and died in three weeks. A giraffe would be born in 2007 and is still doing good, with a new baby Siberian tiger coming the same year. It would be called Vitali, and in August of that year, another Asian elephant called Malti would be born, but she would contract a disease and be gone within the year. In 2008, a baby gorilla would be born getting over 1400 entrants wanting to name her, which eventually would become Yewande. The zoo has a few in-situ conservation projects that is supports and includes; Swift fox recovery, Ghana Hippo Sanctuary and Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery. The African savannah contain zebras, hippos, ostriches, Red River hogs, a baobab tree and giraffes. The Canadian wilds contain North American birds and mammals that include; grizzly bears, wolves, moose and wood bison; while the Australian region houses bearded dragons, kangaroos and wallabies, with koalas. Their prehistoric park showcases life-sized dinosaurs in re-created environments and include quite a few.

May 2, 2011