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    El Ray RuinsEl Ray Ruins Cancun, Mexico
    The Las Ruinas del Rey or the El Rey ruins are a unique sight sitting the midst of the hotel district in Cancun, Mexico, where they have sat for hundreds of years, with 47 archaeological structures that have been estimated to have been inhabited by Mayans as early as 900 AD, with two main platforms and temples that are believed to have been the remnants of religious ceremonial buildings and market areas. The sight was named after the ceremonial mask and skull that were discovered at the site that honored the Mayan sun god, as ensuing excavations have piqued speculation about the history of these great ruins. Granted these are not as large as other main ruins of the Mayan culture that has been discovered in other parts of the country and as well as those countries in Central America, but the iguanas that have settled here seem to bring visitors in the throngs to come here and take picture after picture of these unique creatures that can be feed while you are there and are a great show in themselves. It is as if these strange guardians watch over the ruins, making sure that any visitors take care to where they walk. Many visitors enjoy coming here to view the ancient ruins of this famous civilization, and its great location makes it so much easier to see Mayan ruins without traveling many miles in a bus or hike. The majority of smaller articles discovered here has been long time removed to the archaeological museum in Cancun and be seen there. It is believed to have been the sight of a king's burial ground, since El Rey means the king in Spanish. The major development of this ancient Mayan city is believed to have been during the period between 1300 and 1550 AD, just before the Spanish invaders arrived, with the main activates being fishing and trading with salt. It would be abandoned in the 16th century after the Spaniards arrived, and would become a haven for pirates for many years because of its excellent location by the sea. There aren't any pyramids here, but the 47 buildings they do have are excellent opportunities to explore and find interesting. Although the structure numbered 2 resembles a pyramid, it has a Mayan temple at its summit, with a burial vault of an important personage, since many precious relics were buried around him. On a few of the buildings you will see the Mayan mural paintings that are always interesting to see.

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    Interactive AquariumInteractive Aquarium Cancun, Mexico
    The Interactive Aquarium in Cancun, Mexico offers some of the most unique and spectacular marine species in the world that include; clown fish, piranha, jellyfish, seahorses and moray eels, with many other favorite marine species. The aquarium houses 13 fish tanks with a total volume of 27,800 gallons of water with the majority of them housing natural settings that include a process of treatment that is important in keeping organisms out them that would compromise the health of the fish and invertebrates. Other species house here that are a joy to watch and many you can feed, include; coral, rays, scorpion fish, piranhas, dolphim skeleton, moray eels, clownfish, jellyfish, seahorses and soles. One of the most favorite and certainly exciting for everyone is swimming with the dolphins, and one of the main events. The swim includes a little time learning the basics of dolphins and then the exciting interaction period in the water with these gentle creatures, with outstanding skills, strength and intelligence to communicate and learn. Another feature that may take a little bit more persuasion is the feeding a shark experience, where the instructors will tell you about their anatomy, functions, life cycles and habits, inside the ecosystem of the shark, that will assist all visitors the significant role that sharks have in our environment. It is one of the most exciting moments of the aquarium experience, although you will be inside a cage, for obvious safety reasons. Another outstanding feature is what is called "delphinotherapy", which offers people with special requirements and psychological operations, a chance to improve their life quality and well-being by giving them positive experiences with dolphins. This dolphin assisted therapy works with non-verbal language, that includes posture, body expression and self-control in a way that is more conducive to mammal and human alike.

May 9, 2011