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Ace Car Rental in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico

    Sabancuy BeachSabancuy Beach Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico
    Sabancuy is a tropical island paradise with beautiful white sands, magnificent beaches and the breeding ground of the hawksbill turtle. The shallow waters invite you into enjoy the warm waters of the gulf, with quiet beaches of almost pure white sands, almost pristine from their lack of intruders, with calm waves and a gentle slope. The waters here are filled with shrimp, fish and oysters with other marine species like deer, ducks, pigeons, and various types of turtles. It has become a favorite for those with smaller children, as well as the older generations because of the serene calm waters and waves that barely lap the shore. There are many areas to scuba dive, that contains beautiful coral reefs and a multitude of tropical fish, and speaking of fish, there is great sportfishing offered here for those that just have to board a boat and head out into the gulf for some excellent fishing. There are some of the finest restaurants in the country located here serving the freshest fish and other marine edibles that are sure to make everyone happy.

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    Playa ManiaguaPlaya Maniagua Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico
    The Maniagua beach is set among coconut palms and mangroves, and a beautiful beach to enjoy the warm gentle waters of the gulf, with white sands and a most relaxing way to enjoy a vacation with or without children. It has become a great favorite among those with children and the older generations because of the quietness of the beaches, the soft white sands and almost clear transparent waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Walking the beaches and area around them offers visitors a great opportunity to enjoy the flora and fauna of this southern nation, where you will enjoy some of the best seafood in the world. The area had once been the favorite spot of pirates, until the Spanish conquered the village and took over from the pirates that had been attacking ships and new cities in the new world. It is one of the most favorite beaches of the locals, not just for the serenity of the beach and sands, but because it is not one of those fabulous fun-filled cities full of tourists and people filling the beaches from morning until night. The sun, the sands, the scenery and the outstanding food is one good reason to visit here, where legends of pirates and pirate treasure might have you traipsing along the beach in search of such riches, although the many amenities offered and provided here should be treasure enough for any visitor.

May 9, 2011