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    Galeria de la HistoriaGaleria de la Historia Concepcion, Chile
    This museum in Concepcion, Chile contains beautiful dioramas of the local and regional history, and looks at the pre-Columbian Mapuche existence, as well as concentrating on the colonial history. It is difficult to find historical buildings, houses or churches since the area has been a prime spot for some horrendous earthquakes, the last one happening in 2010 that was a 8.8 and killed many people besides destroying many structures. The museum opened in 1983 and uses the dioramas to depict their unique history, the Gran Concepcion and the Bio Bio region. Their dioramas were created by Rodolfo Gutierrez and during the off season, that runs from April until December, there is a workshop for fine arts offered to the locals and any visitors that wish to pursue such an opportunity.  The gallery that is located on the first floor of the museum houses fifteen dioramas that depict the most significant milestone of the history of Concepcion; and include Mapuche Rucas Penco, the inauguration of the city's Battle of Andalien, the palisade at the summit of Penco, the Battle of Tucapel, Alonso de Ercilla, the depopulation of Rere, the Parliament of Negrete, the transfer of Concepcion Valle de la Mocha, their declaration of independence, the Battle of Loncomilla, the Plaza de Concepcion, the 1939 earthquake, Huachipato Business and University of Concepcion. The second floor houses the temporary exhibit halls.

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    Hualpen Museum and ParkHualpen Museum and Park Concepcion, Chile
    The museum and park of Pedro del Rio Zanartu of Hualpen is situated in the Sanctuary of the Nature that sits on the Hualpen peninsula, with the house that Pedro would bring his magnificent collections after returning from four trips around the world between 1880 and 1913. Some of the highlights of this marvelous collection include; an Egyptian mummy, Mapuche and Indian gems and silver; and sits in Hualpen with many recreational opportunities await you after visiting this outstanding museum. Because the sanctuary is protected, it is a great place to go mountain biking, scuba diving, surfing, horseback riding, kite surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, climbing or just enjoying the beautiful views that spread out before you of the magnificent Andes Mountains. The museum houses beautiful pre-Columbian artworks as well as many marvelous wonders not often found in other parts of the world. Pedro would live in the late 19th century mansion, near the mouth of the Biobío River, and continue his work as a businessman, writer, farmer, nitrate baron and whaler, while sitting in the lap of luxury between his amazing trips around the world. His estate has large marvelous grounds that have been planted with native and foreign trees and many trails and footpaths. The museum opened in 1938, and looks at if it did when Pedro lived here, with quite a bit of information about his family history, his voyages, the magnificent bedroom, dining room and music conservatory, all filled with period furniture and furnishings. The numerous exhibits also showcase his eclectic collection that was acquired from the Near East and Egypt, Easter Island, Chile, the Far East, religious icons, 18th century weapons and materials about the history, folklore and ethnology of the American nations. The grounds of his former estate extend to the coastline, where a small island is visible and many guano covered rocks.

May 5, 2011