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    Thermal Springs of CarrizalejoThermal Springs of Carrizalejo Culiacan, Mexico
    Encompassing the outskirts of Culiacan, Mexico there are numerous thermal baths that can be found in Carrizalejo, Imala and Macurimi on the Rio Tamazula, where there are Indian cave paintings. These waters have helped people of various races for thousands of years, relieving the aches and pains of arthritis, rheumatism and many other ailments that plague the body, especially as it ages, with these special mineral waters containing a mixture of sulfate of soda, magnesium and some sulfuric acid, sulfate of lime, sodium chloride and carbonate of lime; and as bad as it sounds, the murky brown waters don't look too good, but once you enter the waters, you'll begin to notice a distinct change to your body, as the hot water and minerals swirl around and seem to soothe the savage soul. Moctezuma, a 16th century Aztec emperor, was one of the nation's earliest spa enthusiasts, he would order extensive gardens to be planted near the springs, and even went so far as to have royal baths built so he could escape the affairs of state and come here to relax and unwind, forgetting the woes and tribulations of every day living and ruling, and three of those baths are still in operation today. The ruling class of the Aztecs loved pleasure gardens and had them constructed in and around these marvelous pools, with many trees and sweet smelling flowers surrounding them in a natural but early version of aromatherapy.

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    Cathedral of San Miguel ArcangelCathedral of San Miguel Arcangel Culiacan, Mexico
    The neoclassical structure of the Cathedral of San Miguel Arcangel has been known as the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, and is now the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Culiacan, Mexico, and is the city's oldest church, construction starting in 1842, and being finished in 1855. The seventh bishop of Sonora and Sinaloa would commission its construction, that also has some touches or elements of baroque architecture, and the marvelous facade contains pink quarry deposits.  The entrance sits beneath an arch with a ledge above it that contains two windows that open into the choir area, with numerous ornaments in stone and a pedestal that has the image of the protector of the virgin, St. Michael, defeating the devil, with a large Latin cross on top of the canopy in the cruise.

May 9, 2011