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    Millermore MansionMillermore Mansion Dallas, Texas
    The mansion is an adaption of a Greek revival style that was popular at the time when William Brown Miller would begin building his house, which was started in 1855 and finished in 1862, not too far from where he had built his log cabin. The house has a symmetrical facade and square Doric portico at the front entrance, with iconic columns added to the front porch in a 1912 renovation. There is outstanding furniture inside it that showcases the success that many of the original settlers enjoyed within 25 years of settling in Dallas county. It sits in the Dallas Heritage Village that is sitting in the Old City Park that has become a village or collection of historic houses and buildings that visitors can enjoy touring. The Miller family would live in the mansion for about a century, after completing it just before the Civil War broke out, with Miller being one of the more prosperous cotton planters and slave owners in the antebellum south. The Miller log house that sits adjacent to it was constructed by William Miller in 1847 and his slaves, using cedar and oak logs, and would become a shelter for his slaves when he and his family moved into the new mansion. It is a two story house that many paranormal experts believe is haunted, which adds some spice to the entire estate, because of the eerie occurrences that have happened here. During the later years, the house began to fall apart, and looked as if it would be demolished for safety reasons by the city, but in 1968, a group of Dallas citizens formed the Dallas County Heritage Society and stepped in to save the mansion and have it restored and converted into a museum, with the original furnishings giving the home an ambiance of pioneers living there on the edge of the Civil War.

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    The Sixth Floor MuseumThe Sixth Floor Museum Dallas, Texas
    The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas is a museum that is on the sixth floor of the Dallas County Administration Building that had been called the Texas School Book Depository and looks at the life, death, times and legacy of President John F. Kennedy; and occupies the exact spot where Lee Harvey Oswald would assassinate the president. The exhibition area uses historic films, interpretive exhibits, photographs and relics to document the events of the terrible assassination, the historical legacy of the national tragedy and the findings of the official investigations that followed. The museum is quite self-sufficient, relying on just donations and ticket sales, renting the space from the county of Dallas. This museum would open its doors on Presidents' Day, February 20, 1989, at the location that the Warren Commission found that Oswald shot President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The museum has set up a webcam that features a live view of the very sniper spot, which is very strange and must give some eerie feelings. The exhibits will also examine the life, legacy and death of Kennedy using relics, photographs, documentary films, interactive programming on both the sixth and seventh floors, areas where eye witnesses were found and eyewitness accounts. Their outstanding collections look at history through one of the world's most significant repositories of original photographs, documents and relics pertaining to the assassination, that continues to grow to over 35,000 objects and film and video footage.

April 26, 2011