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    Quaker HouseQuaker House Dartmouth, Canada
    As Americans watched the destruction of their whaling fleet or at least 80% of it, during the War of Independence, crews would be captured and imprisoned, with blockades used to prevent any of the vessels left from earning a living at sea. After the war ended, there had been a large amount of competition grown in surrounding regions, and the last blow to the colonies would be when the Parliament would put a duty on American whale oil, so to escape the tax and incredible competition, a deal would be made with Governor John Parr to migrate the Nantucket whalers to Nova Scotia, with the first Quaker settlers coming to the area in 1785. These hardy folks would come and construct their houses in the original foundations of the first settlement, as well as building wharves, warehouse, shops and two spermaceti candle factories. Whaling was a difficult and dangerous life for both men and women, with the men spending up to two years at sea, and their lives were in constant danger. Regardless, the Dartmouth fleet would enjoy a quick expansion and become the rival of every whaling center in the world; and became so successful that it would rival the great British and West Indies markets. Using a ploy to get that success to the British isles, the Quaker community would be given a great offer and their whaling industry moved to Milford Haven in Wales after having been in Dartmouth for just a decade. Some of the Quakers would stay in Dartmouth, with most notable being Seth Coleman. One of his grandsons, a master whaler out of Nantucket, would sign on a new crewmember named Herman Melville, who would come home to pen Moby Dick, one of the best literary classics of all time. By 1971, and after a surge in the urban renewal craze that occurred around the world during that decade, many of the historic houses in the downtown area would be destroyed, causing the museum society to preserve the Quaker House and transform it into an interpreted historic house open to the public during the summer months. It was restored to its 1785 condition and furnished with period furniture, and is open for visitors with costumed interpreters.

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    Bedford Institute of OceanographyBedford Institute of Oceanography Dartmouth, Canada
    The Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO) is a significant Canadian government ocean research facility situated in Dartmouth, in the Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia, established in 1962 as Canada's first and biggest federal center for oceanographic research. BIO gets its name from the Bedford basin, an inland bay comprised of the northern area of Halifax harbor, where it is located, and spread across forty acres. It occupies former Canadian Navy land close to Shannon Park in Dartmouth and consists of an array of interconnected structures that house research offices and labs, along with docks for Canadian Coast Guard and Canadian Navy research vessels. BIO has numerous organizations that perform targeted research mandated by government or in partnership, responds to environmental emergencies, provides navigational charts that cover Georges Bank to the Canadian arctic and to respond to environmental emergencies. Those organizations that it houses include; Dept. of National Defense, Canadian Coast Guard, Dept. of the Environment, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, Canadian Hydrographic Service, Dept. of Natural Resources, Geological Survey of Canada and others.

May 2, 2011