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    Art Gallery of AlbertaArt Gallery of Alberta Edmonton, Canada
    The Art Gallery of Alberta was originally called the Edmonton Art Gallery and sits in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, housing an outstanding collection of more than 6000 works of art that also includes contemporary and historical sculptures, installations works, paintings and photographs by Canadian and international artists, along with its permanent collection, it hosts visiting exhibitions and provides public education programs. The structure that houses the museum had originally designed as a brutalist building designed by Don Bittorf, in 1968. The gallery contains 85,000 square feet, a 150 seat theater, gallery shop and restaurant with dedicated space for its permanent collection. It was originally founded as the Edmonton Museum of Arts in 1924, with its first exhibition held in the Palm Room of the Hotel Macdonald, and later would move to four other sites before settling in the historic Secord House in 1952; and renamed the Edmonton Art Gallery in 1956. Eventually the Secord House would become too small for the magnificent collections, so the museum decided to build a new facility, and the city gave it a little over half an acre of land for the new gallery that opened in 1969 as the Arthur Blow Condell Memorial Building, although colloquially it would be known as the Bittorf Building after the architect that designed it. With the added space, the museum would be able to host bigger exhibitions, but by the early 1990s, it too, would be deemed too small. It would be redesigned by Randall Stout and the majority of it would be demolished, with other firms becoming involved in the new reconstruction.  The new gallery would open in 2010 and look at the image to the right above and you'll see the unique design that replaced the older gallery.

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    Royal Alberta MuseumRoyal Alberta Museum Edmonton, Canada
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is the home of the Royal Alberta Museum that houses some outstanding exhibits that include; an arachnology collection, wildlife exhibit, entomology collection and exhibit, Native Culture display, along with rotating galleries that also host in house exhibits created by the curators and travelling displays. The museum's three permanent galleries that house Wild Alberta, Natural History and Syncrude Gallery of Aboriginal culture. The Wild Alberta gallery houses dioramas that showcase Alberta native animals set up in copies of natural habitats, as well as informing visitors about the ecosystems of the province and how people, microorganisms and animals interact. The Syncrude gallery looks at the history of North American aboriginals with more than 3000 relics that span more than 11,000 years of history, from the last ice age to the present, along with aboriginal culture, settlements and livelihood. The James Carnegie collection that was acquired by the museum from Sotheby's in 2006 was billed as the most important auction of North American Indian relics to date, that includes a rare prized beaded dress that was made in 1859, and cost $497,600. Their natural gallery houses the well known and liked Bug Room where you can view some of the world's biggest bugs, along with a space devoted to the vegetation of the province and the birds that call this region home. The entrance to the gallery contains a huge geology display that contains spectacular rocks and gems, as well as a collection of rocks that are part of the landscape of the province. Just last month, April, 2011, the museum announced plans to construct a new building for the museum that is to be located downtown, and north of the city hall and courts. The new structure will house 390,000 square feet of gallery space and should be ready by 2015.

May 3, 2011