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    Rincon de la Vieja Mega Combo TourRincon de la Vieja Mega Combo Tour Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica
    Considered one of the best tours on the island, this excursion packs more punch in a single day that most tours over in a week, so if you want to get that adrenalin rush for a whole day and then relax on the main beach, sunning and swimming in the bluest waters on earth, then this is definitely for you. You'll start your day with a magnificent and exciting 12 platform canopy tour, then allows you to slow down and enjoy the scenery, wildlife and exotic plants at a leisurely pace, walking across Buena Vista's hanging bridges that are located high above the forest tops, giving you a fantastic chance to see the forest and all its beautiful wonders as you enjoy the natural beauty and effects of this special place. Then, just when you get your wind back, and your body is relaxed a notch or two, you'll head down an extremely fast 1200 plus foot waterslide through the forest, getting the quickest rush your body has gotten in a long time, cooling you down so you can continue this fabulous adventure through the jungles and forests of Costa Rica. The next trip, if you still have the energy is a slow-paced relaxing ride on horseback or behind a tractor pulled cart on your way to the Buena Vista's spa, with thermal hot springs, steam and mud baths that take the grime and dirt, not to mention, tingling from your body, as you slide into a place where you can relive the excitement and adventure that you have just endured and enjoyed for an entire day. There are many other tours that offer parts or pieces of this fantastic adventure, but none that will leave you so exhausted, but happy, thrilled with the adventures you had this day.

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    Barra Honda Caves TourBarra Honda Caves Tour Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica
    Get ready to drop deep into the earth's core on this fantastic tour that takes you down into the depths, where in some areas, you'll be as deep as 787 feet down in the earth, and see the fabulous stalagmites and stalactites of the limestone caves of Barra Honda, in San Jose, Costa Rica. This is a guided tour, where you'll start with a short walk through the park's dry tropical forest, as you head to your destination and get down. Descending into the caves, you'll notice the sounds of water dripping onto the rocks, and envision all the unique formations of hardened calcium that encompasses you. For the next few hours, you'll have the chance to explore the many crevices, nooks and crannies that span the darkness before you, searching out the darker areas for any signs of previous life forms or existence, evidence of those that came here centuries ago to escape the heat, the storms or invaders coming to your island for various purposes. After traipsing about for a time, you'll ascend to the surface and enjoy a special lunch prepared just for you and your fellow spelunkers, and then head off to end the day's adventure at the Guaitil indigenous village. This is a marvelous place to peruse and perhaps even purchase some of the nation's finest Chorotegan pottery. Be sure to dress properly, wearing your best hiking shoes, a hat, plenty of sunscreen and camera to capture those precious moments to bring home to show family and friends. Barra Honda is a national park, and the caverns are available to visit without a tour company or guide, with the Hall of the Caverns showcasing spiraling and twisting limestone formations that includes a unique one that resembles a lion's head and other natural wonders that are sure to please you and your family. If you tap on the rock formations, you can listen real hard and hear the chimes or bats fluttering throughout the interior of the cave. The park itself has many magnificent sights, with many rare species of wildlife that can be seen only here at Barra Honda.

May 6, 2011