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    Museum and Library of Confederate HistoryMuseum and Library of Confederate History Greenville, South Carolina
    The Museum and Library of Confederate History is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation that has devoted itself to providing an accurate and unbiased portrayal of the War for Southern Independence, and is owned and founded by Camp 36, Sons of Confederate Veterans in Greenville, South Carolina. This museum is dedicated to giving a true and accurate description of one of the most tragic moments in the United States' history: 1861 to 1865, showing the events as they were, "without embellishment or revisionism". The museum houses many relics and exhibits that showcase the war and the home life in the south during that period and is divided up into various galleries and rooms that will allow you to form your own opinion. The main gallery houses a large collection of arms, documents and relics from that period, with both the Army and Navy being represented, and features a rare Morse carbine, made in Greenville during the war, as well as a rare 1850s piano that is though to have run the blockade before arriving in the state. They have a rare Le Mat pistol, a scale model of the Hunley submarine that was the first successful combat sub in the world and so many other interesting and unique objects. Their heritage room contains one of the museum's finest relics, one of the last few remaining original copies of the South Carolina Ordinance of Secession, along with medical instruments, a soldier's relics used in his service and uniforms of various design and use. Also located in the museum is the Vance Drawdy library that has the entire roster of the Confederate soldiers and many regimental histories, and a copy of the Official Records of the War published by the US government. The Tingle Documents and currency room holds Confederate money, newspapers and magazine articles from the time the war began, while the Home Front room houses relics and exhibits of the life back home on the farm or in town, with many articles of women's clothing and accessories. The main hallway contains numerous flags of the Confederacy and photographs of Confederate soldiers, including some of the soldiers of the 16th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry that had been recruited from Greenville county and black Confederate soldiers, that would bring more than 65,000 black Confederates into uniforms for the south.

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    Bob Jones University Museum & GalleryBob Jones University Museum and Gallery Greenville, South Carolina
    The Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery in Greenville, South Carolina was founded in 1927 by Bob Jones, Sr., an evangelist and contemporary of Billy Sunday and today his great grandson, Stephen Jones, is the president. Bob Jones, Jr. had been a connoisseur of European art and started collecting after WWII on his salary of about $30,000 a year, focusing on the Italian baroque, a style that had come and gone, although fairly cheap after the end of the war. Half a century later, after the opening of the gallery, the university collection holds over 400 European paintings from the 14th to the 19th centuries, with the majority of these being created before the 19th century, a marvelous collection of Russian icons and period furniture. It holds an excellent variety of Holy Land antiquities that had been collected during the early 20th century by missionaries, Barbara and Frank Bowen. It contains works by such greats as Rubens, van Dyck, Cranach, Murillo, Tintoretto, Dore, Veronese, Mattia Preti, Gerard David and Ribera. There is also an excellent collection of seven quite big canvases, that were part of a series painted from George III by Benjamin West and called "The Progress of Revealed Religion" that is showcased in the War Memorial Chapel. Every Easter, the university and the museum and gallery present the Living Gallery, a number of tableaux vivants that have recreated exceptional works of religious art that uses live models disguised as two-dimensional paintings.

April 27, 2011