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    Oldfields Lilly House and GardensOldfields Lilly House and Gardens Greenwood, Indiana
    Oldfields is also well known as the Lilly House and Gardens, that occupies a 26 acre site with historic house museum and gardens on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana, as an example of the American country house movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and made a National Historic Landmark in 2003. It was constructed between 1909 and 1913 by architect, Lewis Ketcham Davis for the Hugh McKennan Landon family, that would live here from 1913 until 1932 with it would be purchased by J. K. Lilly, Jr. who was a local businessman, collector and philanthropist that would renovate and enlarge the estate during the 1930s and 1940, updating the interior and adding more structures to the grounds. It is now called the Lilly House, and contains 22 rooms that have enjoyed a historic restoration, and today open to the public on the campus of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The house has been remodeled to reflect the 1930s when the Lilly family lived here. The remainder of the estate, that had been donated to the Art Association of Indianapolis by Lilly's children in 1967, and enjoys a big part of the museum's campus. Along with the historical value of the house, the grounds and gardens are considered a rare example of a preserved estate landscape that had been designed by Percival Gallagher of the Olmsted Brothers architectural firm. The house was designed by Landon's brother-in-law, Lewis Davis, in the French Chateau style sitting on a large bluff that looks out over the White River, with outstanding views of the west. The house has a service wing, large terrace on the top of the garage and service area, pavilions on the west and east that have access to the balconies on the second floor, a great hall, game room, altered stair hall and entrance, library, loggia, kitchen, dining room, servants quarters and drawing room on the main floor. It features eight furnished historic rooms with almost 90% of the furnishings original.

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    Bates-Hendricks HouseBates-Hendricks House  Greenwood, Indiana
    The Bates-Hendricks House was constructed in 1852 and is an excellent illustration of what early Indianapolis mansions were designed and constructed like, with one area of the house dating to 1830, which was only nine years after the first lot was sold in the new capital. It was constructed by Hervey Bates, who had been born in 1795 and had been sent here by the first governor of the state in 1822, to become its first sheriff of Marion County, that eventually would become a very successful banker and businessman. US Senator Thomas A. Hendricks would live in the house when he was elected as governor of the state and later, vice-president of the United States. He would sell the property with its twenty acres to James O. Woodruff, who, before going on to make Woodruff Place, would construct his first signature neighborhood around this lovely mansion. Later, General John Coburn would call it his house, after commanding more than a thousand troops during the Civil War and when he came back to the city would be elected to Congress four times. He would set the cornerstone for Soldiers and Sailors Monument and give the dedication speech as well. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

April 19, 2011