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    History House MuseumHistory House Museum Greymouth, New Zealand
    The History House museum houses a wealth of information about the western regions and coast of Greymouth, New Zealand that also include historical information about coal mining, timber and shipping, but specializing in pre-1920 records of living conditions, the region, photographs and social commentaries. Their excellent photographs include many of gold mining, coal mining, shipping, timber milling and the rest of the information listed above. The region would be explored in the 1840s, with Thomas Brunner, Arthur Dudly Dobson and Charles Heaphy, with James Mackay finishing a huge land sale from the Maori in 1860. Then a government supply depot would be built in 1863 and operated by Charles Townsend until he would drown while trying to cross a river in October of that year. Gold would then be discovered in the area, in the Taramakau and Greenstone are in January of 1863, and would eventually begin to grow in all directions by 1866, so that the needs of the diggers that arrived here could be met. In 1865, the population was 16,000 and during the next year, another 14,000 would arrive on the west coast, with a reported gold recovery of some 553,000 ounces. The Canterbury provincial government would make the area south of the Grey River and west of the Southern Alps as a goldfield, with more people arriving and building. These first structures would be little more than shacks, made of canvas, but as businesses arrived and became established, the buildings would become more substantial. Gold and passengers would become the mainstay of the shipping industry that began, during the 1860s and 1870s, and in 1865 and 1866 in Hokitika, the biggest number of passengers would arrive. In 1864, the first coal would be mined to supply steamers trading on the west coast and coal mining would become another rich revenue.

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    Dragon's Cave RaftingDragon Cave Rafting Greymouth, New Zealand
    This extraordinary adventure will take you tubing through an underground cave full of glow-worms and the excitement of river tubing, with an optional opportunity to enjoy a wild, exciting cliff jump. It is a half day trek, that is going to be very exciting and fun, with local Maori cave legends added in for extra measure. The tubing glow worm trip has many other options that can give you more adrenalin rushes than you can possibly stand or as little as you choose. Each trip is different, depending on your abilities and adventure levels, without any crowds or wait time, with outstanding team building, leadership skills and educational opportunities for all. The trip will begin with you donning cave gear at their base in Greymouth, with thermal clothes for warmth and comfort, a wetsuit, river shoes and socks, life jacket and helmet so you will be safe and comfy, with a 30 minute drive that brings everyone to a practice river where you will learn the art of tubing, if you don't already know. Then, a fifteen minute walk with the tube, through a magnificent rainforest, and hooking up with other tubes, unless you prefer to be by yourself and enjoy the gentle rapids in your own way, but still part of the group. The tubing adventure takes you to the mouth of the cave, where you get more protection from the Maori Legendary Taniwha's, which are underground dragons that will keep you in the cave if you should venture into their world. You will begin floating up the cave, in the darkness, until you come to the light of a galaxy of glow worms in the roof of the cave. At the end, you will get to spend time with the glow-worms and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and chocolate bar to regain some strength to float back and finish with a tube jump that is entirely optional.

May 12, 2011