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    Hospicio CabanasHospicio Cabanas Guadalajara, Mexico
    The Hospicio Cabanas is located in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, in a World Heritage Site, housing one of the oldest and biggest hospital complexes in Spanish America, founded in 1791 by the Bishop of Guadalajara that wanted certain functions combined in one place and so would house a workhouse, almshouse, orphanage and hospital. Its name would come from Juan Ruiz de Cabanas, who had been appointed see of the city in 1796 and then commissioned Manuel Tolsa, a well known architect from Mexico City to come and design this unique structure. His design would be based on classic examples like the El Escorial close to Madrid and Les Invalides in Paris, with the structures formed into a rectangle that measures 500 feet by 435 feet, considered single storied structures that are 20 something feet high. The chapel is twice the normal height, and has a dome that rises a 100 feet into the sky, and the entire complex has been built on level ground, so it would be easier to move the aged, children and sick. In 1823, Cabanas passed away, but the construction would continue until 1829, but in the mid 19th century it would be converted into barracks, but it would revert back to a hospital that would continue into the 20th century and actually function until 1980, when the Cabanas Cultural Institute moved in, with affiliated schools for crafts and the arts. The most distinguishing feature in the interior is the decorations of a number of monumental frescoes that were created by Jose Clemente Orozco, that included one of his most famous works, the allegory of the Man of Fire that he painted in 1936 to 1939.

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    Museo Huichol Wixarica de ZapopanMuseo Huichol Wixarica de Zapopan Guadalajara, Mexico
    This small museum in Guadalajara, Mexico isn't housed in some fancy expensive building that was built on the blood and guts of peasants that had to sacrifice everything so that the elite could live comfortably off their sweat, but it does house the magnificent artwork of that class of working people that had only the beauty inside their minds to enjoy and often, if they were good enough, could be brought out onto many materials where the beauty inside could be seen by all. There is a permanent exhibit of handicrafts made by the Huichol Indians and other ethnic groups. The Huichol Indians of the northern Jalisco and neighboring states of Zacatecas and Nayarit are famous for their fierce independence and beautiful yarn paintings and elaborate beadwork, and while the museum uses "unique mannequins" to showcase the Huichol embroidered clothing, it is of exquisite detail and workmanship. Bilingual plaques explain more about the Huichol religion and their personal views of the world around them, so it should be very interesting and informative to say the least. The museum's gift shop sells a little amount of beadworks, prayer arrows and other interesting items.  The museum is located in the annex to the basilica and opened in the former chapter hall of the convent, showcasing the marvelous artwork and crafts of the Huichol Indians and their culture, with outstanding aspects of their clothing and handicraft, cosmology and more, with yarn paintings on wood, beads made for ritual reasons, and musical instruments like the violin, guitar, flute, rattle and drum.

May 9, 2011