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    High Point Museum and Historical ParkHigh Point Museum and Historical Park High Point, North Carolina
    The High Point museum was started in 1964 in the Little Red schoolhouse that was located on Ray Street in High Point, North Carolina, but in 1966 a group would form the High Point Historical Society, to purchase the Haley House and property only to turn around and deed it over to the city. Two years later, it would buy the adjacent property and deed it to the city also, and thus form a unique partnership that is still working for them today. In 1969, the society had enough funds to construct a museum of its own, next to the Haley House, which was completed in 1970, and a blacksmith shop constructed in 1841, was then moved there as well and renovated to become a living history exhibit building, and the next year, they opened their doors to the public. In 1973, the Hoggatt House would be moved to the property and begin a practice of accepting donations, cataloging them and showcasing them in the museum's exhibits. By 1994, the museum was running out of space, so a capital campaign started the next year, that caused the museum to close for restorations that started in 1998 and finished in 2000, reopening in May, 2001. Permanent exhibits include; A Scrapbook of History, High Point's History, Jamestown Rifles and the Hall of Commerce. Along with these outstanding displays, the museum operates the historical properties located in its historical park that includes; the Haley House that was constructed in 1786, with brick, and is the oldest structure in the city. The blacksmith shop looks like it would have in the days of John Haley as he practiced his trade of blacksmithing, and the Hoggatt House that had been constructed in 1801 and made from logs. Also located on the grounds is a lovely herb garden with many common herbs growing here for show purposes and for use. There are costumed docents that provide guided tours on the weekends in the historical park.

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    Doll and Miniature Museum of High PointDoll and Miniature Museum of High Point, North Carolina
    The Doll and Miniature Museum of High Point, North Carolina is a magnificent place to visit and remember the excitement of young girls getting their first doll or a favorite doll for her birthday, whatever the occasion was, your daughter, granddaughter or other female relative was sure to explode with excitement and interest when receiving one of these beautiful little dolls. This museum has become the favorite place for all little girls, whether they are grown up or otherwise, the memories that dolls and miniatures can bring is something that is held onto for a lifetime; and now, you can come and visit a museum that has 2700 different dolls from around the world in one place. There are wax dolls, china heads, tin heads, wooden, composition, bisque, cloth and much more to be enjoyed here, along with the Eugene Kupjack and Meredith Slane Michener miniature bedroom gallery, with special rotating exhibits and more. There is a magnificent nativity scene with 50 rare Creche dolls, 130 Shirley Temple dolls, bride and groom flea dolls and a fabulous place to have that little girl's birthday party or her first tea party. The miniature bedroom exhibit contains handmade furniture with inlaid wood created by Starling T. Efird in the 1940s, a Barack Obama doll handmade and an outstanding collection of African American personality dolls, and a new exhibit called "the Toys of Christmas Past".

April 26, 2011