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    Pyle House MuseumPyle House Museum Huron, South Dakota
    The Pyle House Museum in Huron, South Dakota was the former home of Gladys Pyle, the first elected woman United States Senator and would serve as the secretary of state as well. The magnificent house is a pristine example of Queen Anne architecture constructed in 1894, the house has its original oak woodworks, leaded and stained glass windows and fixtures. Gladys would live here from 1894 until 1985 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, being converted into a museum, with other original elements like the carpeting, radiators, door hardware, doors, three stained glass sections, interior layout and wood finishes. A new gas furnace has been installed to replace the old coal fired one, but the original and elegant radiators are still used. The house would be much the same as it was originally furnished, since Gladys' father, John Levi Pyle would die from typhoid fever in 1902, and leave the family in dire straits, which meant that they would have to work hard to keep the house. It does have many Pyle family relics, that includes her maternal grandfather's discharge papers from the 2nd New Jersey Infantry regiment that is dated March 27, 1866, the Pyle family Bible that dates to the 1840s and photographs of both her grandparents. The bedrooms and bathroom upstairs is now used by the caretaker, so it can't be toured, but the remainder of the house is an excellent visit. Gladys had a marvelous life and history, so be sure to check it all out when you visit and learn more about this strong woman that would be the first US senator in the United States history.

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    Dakotaland MuseumDakotaland Museum Huron, South Dakota
    The Dakotaland Museum is just a few minutes from downtown Huron, South Dakota and provides visitors with a marvelous time of fun and history, sitting on the South Dakota State Fairgrounds, this outstanding museum houses more than 5000 relics that include the Kouf family natural history collection of mammals, birds, farm machinery, a well-preserved log cabin, magnificent dish collection, working musical instruments, historic clothing and much more. The museum was established in 1960 as the South Dakota State Fair Pioneer Museum that was created to preserve the heritage of the city and Beadle county, with more than 5000 relics on exhibit, with thousands more welcomed every year, that include; maps, historical documents, photographs, newspapers from Huron and Beadle county and more.

April 26, 2011