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    Dinosaur Discovery MuseumDinosaur Discovery Museum Kenosha, Wisconsin
    The Dinosaur Discovery Museum that is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin is devoted to the exploration and explanation of the relationship between modern birds and ancient carnivorous biped dinosaurs, called theropods, that include the tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor and the carnotaurus, with this unique connection documented in the fossil records. The museum is believed to hold the biggest skeletal cast collection in North America, and houses the Carthage Institute of Paleontology and a laboratory on the site, for assisting in the field explorations. Currently, Dr. Thomas Carr, a vertebrate paleontologist, is the curator and director of the institute; and is not associated in any way with the Dinosaur Discovery Center in Maine. This institute is dedicated to the preparation and conservation of authentic dinosaur fossils, with permanent exhibits of extraordinary size, like the newest theropod, a carnotaurus or flesh eating bull, that is 25 feet long and 6.5 feet tall at the hips. It is almost complete, but the fossilized skeleton was discovered in Patagonia, Argentina that is the southernmost tip of that continent and very difficult to travel around. Another outstanding permanent exhibit is the soundscape of environmental and animal sounds in the exhibit gallery and explore the Mesozoic period with outdoor sounds in different terrains and weather conditions in the old Age of Dinosaurs.

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    Civil War MuseumCivil War Museum Kenosha, Wisconsin
    The Civil War Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin believes that they are unlike any other civil war museum in the nation, since they has explored the war as seen and experienced on the home front or the interesting connections between the home front and the battle front using state-of-the-art museum technology, interactive displays, and life-size dioramas that whisk travelers back to the past so that they can learn more about the political, economic and social issues that would influence their lives and contributions to the civil war. A new temporary exhibit is happening now until September, 2011, that is called Bodices, Bonnets and Weeds - Civil War and Mid-Victorian fashions, while the more permanent exhibits occupy a 15,000 square foot space that describes the stories of those people whose lives would be forever changed by the war, and how they would help shape the course of history. There are many outstanding relics from the war that are significant to the regional and national war story that uses life-scale, interactive displays along with audio and video technology. The museum is surpriseingly diverse and very interesting, with enough relics and documents, along with excellent photographs, the museum does an outstanding job of informing, interacting and encouraging visitors to take a part in the ongoing history of this excellent museum. Their online website is most interesting, although not too informative, it does have quite a few photos and information, but it is not really user friendly, but that is because they are a museum and not a website, spending more effort on the effectiveness of the material shown and showcased; so the best advice would be to visit it when you are in the Wisconsin area.

April 28, 2011