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    Elwood Haynes MuseumElwood Haynes Museum Kokomo, Indiana 1895 first car
    The Elwood Haynes Museum is housed in the former mansion of Elwood Haynes, the inventor that was credited with being the first to produce automobiles commercially in 1894, who also invented stainless steel and stellite, becoming a millionaire in 1916 and buying the mansion in Kokomo, Indiana the same year. The mansion would be sold to General Motors by March Haynes, that planned on using the structure as a residence for traveling executives for a number of years, and then in 1965, it sold it to Bernice Haynes that donated it to the city. It opened as a museum in 1967, and the curators have been able to collect many of the Haynes original inventions so that they can showcase them in the museum. There are various exhibits, with one about the life of Haynes, and the house is located right across the street in a private laboratory, which has since become a private residence and therefore cannot be toured at this time. His company, the Haynes Automobile Company produced cars in Kokomo from 1905 to 1924 and related to the Haynes-Apperson company also made cars from 1895 to 1905, and the co-founder of that company, Elwood would change the name after Elmer and Edgar Apperson left the company to start their own called Apperson Automobile company. Just before he went out of business, in 1923, Elwood made the 57, that had a 121 inch wheelbase, in five-seat, four-door sedan, three-seat coupelet and two-seat roadster that was advertised with front and rear bumpers, six disc wheels, sun visors, wind wings, individual fenders and artistically fashioned individual steps for the running boards.

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    Automotive Heritage MuseumAutomotive Heritage Museum Kokomo, Indiana
    This museum houses more than 80 vintage automobiles from 1895 to 1960 and includes outstanding exhibits of antique motorcycles, automotive industry relics and a copy of a 1930s gas station. The museum operates the Haynes House museum and a 1950s diner, with many excellent auto industry related displays and more than 100 antique and classic cars that is sure to excite every car aficionado out there, as well as many old-timers that remember the days of the finest automobiles made in the world. Their gift shop is a great place to purchase some Kokomo and auto souvenirs and memorabilia. The second car that Elwood invented or produced is located here from 1895, while his first one is now located in the Smithsonian in Washington, along with many other early autos made in Kokomo and other outstanding exhibits that will make your visit here that much better.

April 19, 2011