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    King Tut's Tomb and MuseumKing Tut's Tomb and Museum Las Vegas, Nevada
    In 1922, the tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered in Egypt, and while it is quite difficult and dangerous today to get there for a chance to view this fabulous treasure, it can be enjoyed, nonetheless, in Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel. The Tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt is almost empty but for the inner coffin and the mummified body of the famous king, it is just he alone that remains in the valley, unless there are other tombs yet to be discovered. The majority of those magnificent artifacts are kept in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo today, but the exhibit in Las Vegas is also amazing as the majority of those relics have been replicated for this reproduction that allows you to visit and view the beauty and magnificence of the king now and here. The tomb is rather small compared to the size of the other pharaohs that have been uncovered, but it had been created in haste, and actually had been cut for a noble of the court, when it became needed for the king. There are excellent reproductions of the sentinels that were discovered in the tomb, along with an outstanding reproduction of the three golden coffins that had been nested together around the king's mummy. The tomb is decorated with colors, but not like one would have expected from such a famous king. The antechamber of the tomb held the sentinels, various chests, thrones, animal beds and the model of Tut, with the burial chamber itself containing the red sandstone sarcophagus, nested shrines of Tut's burial and coffins. The treasury room held the golden canopic shrine, numerous chests, the cartouche chest, the alabaster canopic chest and the golden cow; along with two smaller coffins with the mummies of infants inside. In the annex there were jars of oils, ushabti, staffs, chests, royal beds and chairs, ungent jars, dried foods and the king's game chest.

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    Silverton AquariumSilverton Aquarium Las Vegas, Nevada
    The Silverton Aquarium has been named the best "free" attraction in Las Vegas, Nevada, located in the Silverton Casino Lodge, the aquarium is quite big and very impressive. Its signature 117,000 gallon reef aquarium offers visitors an exciting view of this underwater bonanza that houses over 4,000 tropical fish and three species of sharks and stingrays, with interactive feedings three times a day. The staff marine biologist located at the aquarium uses a full face communication mask to answer any questions folks may have about the fish, environment or other interests, when the creatures are fed. There are also, two 500 gallon tanks with jellyfish swimming about in them, lit up with LED lighting. The aquarium also has a live mermaid swim, where you can watch the mermaids doing various choreographed moves underwater, while the fish just seem to be oblivious to their movements. The aquarium tank is octagonal so you can walk around it and look into every area of the tank and view almost every variety of fish, as well as beautiful coral reefs that make this an exciting and interesting venue to enjoy for free when you are in Vegas.

April 22, 2011