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    Banting House National Historic SiteBanting House National Historic Site London, Canada
    Although the Banting House in London, Ontario, Canada is not very conspicuous, it is famous for being the site of the birthplace of insulin, where Sir Frederick Banting would awake at 2 AM in the morning of October 31, 1920 with the incredible idea that would lead to the discovery of insulin. Banting would live here for just ten months, that started in July, 1920, where he tried to start a medical practice before he returned to Toronto to start his research on insulin in the spring of 1921. Currently, the Banting House National Historic Site of Canada is home to the London branch of the Canadian Diabetes Association, with a marvelous museum located there that is devoted to the life of Banting, and would become a National Historic Site of Canada in 1997. The museum houses displays that are devoted to Banting as a co-discover of insulin, artist, war hero and doctor, with excellent relics that include his bed-frame he would wake up with his fabulous idea, many medals that included his Memorial Cross, a copy of his Nobel prize, knighthood and outstanding collection of original artwork by him.  The website for the Diabetes association is a magnificent and informative site that is excellent for those just learning about this disease that offers exciting ideas for healthy living and a new kind of lifestyle that is perfect for those with this terrible disease. The story about Banting's enlistment and subsequent travel to the warfront is outstanding, but the amazing feats of bravery and heroism that he showed while at the front suggests that this was a great man, destined for greater things. He was wounded by shell fire in 1918, and as he crawled back to his lines, he would stop and attend to the wounded men he passed, actually taking seventeen hours to get back to his front, and when they were sending him back to a hospital, he would plead to them to leave him here to continue his work, with officials applauding his energy and pluck.

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    Fanshawe Pioneer VillageFanshawe Pioneer Village London, Canada
    Fanshawe is an early example of the museum type called Pioneer Village that had been begun in the mid 20th century Ontario by Conservation Authorities, and describes the story of rural communities in the former townships of Westminister, London, West Nissouri, Delaware, North Dorchester and Lobo in Middlesex County from 1820 to 1920 and the founding and construction of the city of London up to 1840. The village houses four distinct exhibit areas that include Fanshawe settlement, Fanshawe Corners, Fanshawe township and the Town of Fanshawe. The Fanshawe settlement houses some outstanding historic structures that have been brought here to showcase and allow visitors the experience of viewing excellent buildings from that period. These include; the Colbert barn, the log school and the Elgie log house. The corners house the Purple Hill lodge, blacksmith shop, Mount Moriah lodge, Corbett tavern and Lochaber church. The township exhibit houses Caverhill farmstead, Jury farmstead and Fanshawe school. The town of Fanshawe includes storefronts, Alder's weaving shed, Dr. Jones house and barn, Denfield general store, London Pioneer brewery, Peel house, Trinity Anglican church, Harmer sawmill and the print shop. All of these outstanding examples of yesteryear are available to be toured, with each exhibit set in a different period of the town's history and provides a magnificent view of the town's heritage and determination, since farming in this area was considered very hard and often impossible; but for the families and friends that would band together to help each other with their trials and tribulations.

May 3, 2011