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    Acadian MuseumAcadian Museum Moncton, Canada
    The Acadian Museum in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada is located on the campus of the University of Moncton, with a marvelous permanent exhibit called, The Acadian Adventure that provides a history of Acadie in Atlantic Canada, along with the history of its material culture. It has been separated into two sections, with a chronological area and theme-based section that pertains to everyday life and religion. Other displays showcase politics and education, including Longfellow's excellent poem, Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie. The museum houses three galleries called; the Prairie Bayou Cajun room, the Acadian room and the Erath room, and is located next to the Cafe du Musee. The Erath room houses the history of the town of Erath that is shown in photographs with captions, while the Acadian room houses relics that pertain to the Acadian history from 1603 to the current day, with the focal point begin the Canadian Parks poster, Acadia: The Odyssey of a People, that showcases the expulsion of the Acadians and houses the following; the founding of Acadia in 1604, Landwash which is a photo of the Nova Scotian shoreline by was taken by Maurice Crosby of Halifax, New France which is a 1719 map of North America by Seutter, photographs of the historic site of Port Royal, the first Acadian settlement in the new lands, the Habitation, original 1760 navigational map that had been used by mariners to reach the port at Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia, pottery owned by Iberville, the founder of Louisiana, a shoe buckle and pipe stem from Thibodeau village from 1690, stone from Georges Island that had been used as an Acadian prison camp and much more that is sure to interest and inform you about this extraordinary group of people that had settled Nova Scotia, only to be deported to an area in the United States that would become Louisiana.

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    Moncton MuseumMoncton Museum Moncton, Canada
    The Moncton Museum in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada is devoted to preserving a record of the history of the Moncton region, preserving various mediums that include; census records, genealogy records, photographs and a research library with relevant texts. About one third of the collection is dedicated to the permanent exhibits, with the rest used fro traveling exhibitions. It opened in 1974, with a design that incorporates the facade of the old city hall, and is located near the downtown area next to the historical Free Meeting House that is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the city. The museum hosts a collection of relics and photos that showcase the area's history, with many of these items part of the museum's permanent collection. The exhibit describes the city's history from the time of the Mi'kmaqs to the present day, with treasures to discover the period before the deportation or expulsion of the Acadians, when agriculture was the area's main economic pursuit, as well as the golden shipbuilding era and the railway period. Temporary and traveling exhibits have become a big part of the museum's curriculum, with a big collection of historical photographs and archival documents that relate to the history of Greater Moncton. Its genealogical records house a printed census return for Westmoreland and Albert counties, city directories and other materials that pertain to the history of this city. The museum houses a marvelous research library that is available to staff and the community as well as any visitors that might take an interest.

May 3, 2011