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    Barnett Estate PlantationBarnett Estate Plantation Montego Bay, Jamaica
    This estate is found in the hills of Montego Bay, Jamaica, with a great house that had been build in 1735 and would house three centuries of the Barnett family; then restored to its original condition and filled with outstanding family heirlooms and memorabilia that dates to the late 17th century. Their sugar mill, that had been constructed in 1794, has the biggest thatched roof in the Caribbean and showcases the lifestyles of the wealthiest family on the island, with an excellent example of a 3000 acre working plantation, encompassed by beautiful tropical gardens. The plantation maintains many tropical fruit trees on the thousands of acres, as well as its main crops of sugar cane, coconuts and mangoes, where you can take a break from your day's activities and try out the fresh taste of these delicious fruits. The house is filled with many outstanding relics, especially the original bottle inside its mahogany rum chest that would be used to transport rum samples back and forth to England. Its tropical gardens feature native plants and trees, with fine dining offered at the restored Sugar Mill, sitting upon an estate that spans the sea to the mountains, with outstanding and exciting views of Montego Bay and its harbor. They have guided tours of the great house with a great deal of information, history, culture and details about the families that lived here, and the many famous people that have come here to visit and relax. It was owned and managed by the Kerr-Jarrett families, one of the oldest in the island, with some 11 generations of that family living in this house. Colonel Nicholas Jarrett came to the island in 1655, to help the British wrest control of it from Spain.

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    Greenwood Great HouseGreenwood Great House Montego Bay, Jamaica
    The Greenwood is considered the best antique museum in the Caribbean, as well as being the finest great house in the island of Jamaica, and constructed during a period of elegance and brutality, but still continues to keep its beauty and interest that captures thousands of visitors, which was built by the Barretts of Wimpole Street London, in 1800, with quite a bit of its original furniture and furnishings, with the biggest and rarest collection of musical instruments and books in the island. Hersey Barrett, an officer in the expedition led by Admiral Penn and General Venables, would be sent by parliament to capture Hispaniola from the Spanish in 1633, but would prove much too difficult to capture, so they headed to Jamaica and captured it for England, and Barrett would given granted lands in the country and soon come back to settle there. While many of the original settlers of the island worked hard and barely made a living off the soil, the Barretts would prosper and become very rich by the mid 18th century, owing more than 84,000 acres and more than 2000 slaves. The family retained its London house, while the head of the family at that time, Edward, also the father of famous writer Elizabeth Barrett Browning, was getting an income of over 60,000 pounds a year, they would travel back to England in 1795, with his brother Samuel and sister Sarah, who had been nicknamed, "Pinkie". Richard, Edward's cousin, would stay behind in Jamaica and run the family business, while also becoming Speaker of the House, a judge, Custos of the parish of St. James and other things. The great house has many oil paintings of the Barretts, along with china that was made for them by Wedgwood and a magnificent library filled with many rare books that date back to 1697 and beautiful antique furniture.

May 9, 2011