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    Museo de Historia MexicanaMuseo de Historia Mexicana Monterrey, Mexico
    The History of Mexican Museum has become one of the most popular destinations in Monterrey, Mexico, housing pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern histories that showcase the many changes this country has endured in its rich history. The first exhibit informs visitors about the country's religion, culinary traditions, economy, social classes and other significant parts of its indigenous culture, eventually arriving at the Hernan Cortes display that describes his invasion of Tenochititlan, which is vibrantly demonstrated and how the Spanish and indigenous cultures would finally blend to form what has become Mexico. The two following displays depict a few of the major developments of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as showcasing some of the significant political changes that started the nation on its road to independence. Temporary displays show how the nation has developed culturally and socially, and is a marvelous way to learn more about the exciting history of the nation and its interesting people. The museum was opened in 1994 and houses four permanent and two temporary exhibit halls, with outstanding displays about the country's origins and temporary displays that are changed every quarter. The tours of this great museum are free during regular hours and offered in Spanish, English and French. It seems that museums are becoming more and more interesting and attendance has grown due to nationals and visitors alike wanting to learn more about the history and culture of these excellent countries and other aspects of their heritage and culture.

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    Metropolitan Museum of MonterreyMetropolitan Museum of Monterrey, Mexico
    The Metropolitan museum in Monterrey, Mexico was opened in 1995 to house its significant and historical study of the nation in a historic structure that is encompassed by an arched corridor that sits on thick columns topped with capitals of toscan influence. It had originally been constructed to be the city hall in 1612, but would need to be rebuild a number of times because of floods, until 1887, when it was completed and still looks the same. The structure would be made national historic monument in 1974, in the heart of the historical district along Zaragaoza Square, with outstanding showrooms, that also showcase the works of local artist, and includes relics like bones, handicrafts, tools and a deep water well used by early settlers and many other interesting relics.

May 11, 2011