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    Mineralogical Museum  Mineralogical Museum Newark, Delaware
    this mineralogical museum is located in Penny Hall on the campus of the University of Delaware and houses a permanent exhibition of their nationally recognized mineralogical collection. The museum supports numerous programs at the university and also provides educational resources for local schools and also attracts mineral enthusiasts from around the country. It was closed in 2007 for remodeling and installations, and reopened in 2009 with the outstanding mineral exhibit showcased in the newly improved gallery. Their many mineral collections are tagged as natural works of art and illustrations of mineralogical concepts. The collection came as a gift from the Irenee du Pont, Sr. collection in 1964 that contained early 20th century minerals and has continued to grow with donations from other generous donors. Irenee's collection included pieces from that collection that Mr. du Pont bought from George Kunz, the vice president of the Tiffany & Co. that was being shown at their showroom in New York City. The museum shows the collections by using a theme or mineralogical concept, with newly installed exhibit cabinets that contain fiber optic lighting for the finest views and the perfect color balance for these specimens from wire silvers to vibrant orange wulfenites. Their exhibit includes the Crystal System Exhibit that highlights crystalline minerals with huge variations in crystal shapes and is able to be grouped into six crystal systems that have been based on the geometry of their internal structure. The US-Canada exhibit contains minerals that are the by-product of mining operations for lead, zinc, copper and other metals, and the Minerals from Caves Exhibit showcase limestone from caves along with other cave deposits that include wild pink rhodocrhosite stalactites in Argentina and green banded malachite formations from the Republic of the Congo. In the early 1970s, the collection was able to be moved from the university library to a new building in Penny Hall. Mrs. David S. Craven, a niece of Irenee du Pont donates annual gifts to the museum for more acquisitions and care for the collection that continues to grow.

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    Iron Hill MuseumIron Hill Museum Newark, Delaware
    this museum was founded by the Delaware Academy of Science in 1967 as a natural history museum in Newark, Delaware to be the main source of the study of people and the natural history of the Iron Hill area, with its collections, programs and library able to interpret the relationships between the people and the land. The museum's exhibits include; iron mining that will show you how the city got its name and the entire process used to make pig iron from these unique rocks, the Please touch wall that encourages you to touch, feel and learn more about various things you might come in contact with, the Lenni Lenape who had lived here in harmony with their surroundings and would find everything that they needed to live in the forests around them, rocks and minerals from the du Pont rock and mineral collection that was donated to the museum in the 1960s and contains many beautiful rocks and minerals from around the state and world, the Glowing rock room that uses ultraviolet lighting to make them glow that turn many beautiful colors, along with radioactive marbles and gum plates, stuffed animals collection with bears, fox, deer, hawks and more and the Delaware Prehistoric sea life collection that includes monosaurs since the state never had any dinosaurs.

April 15, 2011