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    Bulloch HallBulloch Hall Roswell, Georgia
    Bullock Hall is a Greek revival mansion in Roswell, Georgia that was constructed in 1839 and one of the most historical significant homes in the city and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is here that Martha Bulloch Roosevelt, the mother of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president, would live as a child, and where she would marry, Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. The hall had been constructed by Martha's father, Major James Stephens Bulloch, a prominent planter from the coast who had been invited to the area by his friend Roswell King. After his first wife, Hester Amarintha Elliot, passed on, Bulloch would marry the widow of his first wife's father, Martha Stewart Elliot and had four children that would pass on before reaching adulthood. The family would move here in 1839, and it wasn't long before Bulloch bought land for cotton production and slaves to work the fields. The 1850 slave schedules show that Martha Stewart Elliot Bulloch, who had been widowed a second time, owned 31 slaves, who would labor mostly on the cotton and crop productions, with a few working in the mansion as domestic slaves. In 1835, Martha went to Harford, Connecticut for a visit, when James' wife gave birth to a daughter, that would also be named Martha, but affectionately called, Mittie, who would be raised at Bulloch Hall. Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. was about 19 at the time and came to visit with a friend, Hilborne West, who had married Mittie's half sister, Susan Elliot, but Martha didn't care for him much. They would meet again in Philadelphia in 1853, and fall in love, marry in the dining room of the Bulloch in December, 1853, with folks coming from miles around.

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    Stone Mountain MuseumStone Mountain Museum Norcross, Georgia
    The Stone Mountain Museum is located at Memorial Hall in Norcross, Georgia and has become many things to different people, like a sacred ground, home, landmark, meeting place and refuge, with relics that date from over 12,000 years ago, from ancient civilizations that lived on the mountain to the current day park. Discover more about the Native Americans and pioneer settlers that arrived here and began to build a state, the advent of the Civil War and how it would affect the folks hereabouts and how the granite from the mountain would help build the local economy. The Confederate Memorial on Stone Mountain is the biggest relief carving in the world and houses much information about it, original designs, scale models and an 11 minute film called the Men Who Carved the Mountain. The park here welcomes more than 4 million visitors a year and has become one of the most visited attractions in the nation today.

April 18, 2011