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    Northern Maine Museum of ScienceNorthern Maine Museum of Science Presque Isle, Maine
    In the early 1970s, the University of Maine in Presque Isle, Maine, was the recipient of two excellent donations of natural history collections; one from local well known Aroostook County naturalist, Leroy Norton, and part of the now defunct Portland Museum of Natural History. The Norton collection would bring in big collections of fresh water sea shells, the start of their herbarium and local forestry specimens, as the museum began to grow. It officially opened in 1994, with a great donation of five display cases from NYNEX, that is now Verizon, with numerous other individuals from the county and state donating time to get the museum opened by 1996. It is located at Folsom Hall on the campus, but the majority of the displays are located along the walls and hallways of the college hall, with some great exhibits. These include; whale vertebra, whale jawbone, dolphin models, Are Birds Dinosaurs?, snowy owl, pterosuar display in wall case, Diversity of Life which is an 18 foot overhead display, pterosaur model and the Evolution of Life, that are located around the building's entrance and north stairwell. Those located on the third floor relate to geology and biology and include; minerals of the state, meteorology station, coral reef exhibit and mural, scientific research in northern Maine that is in a rotating exhibit, Atlantic leatherback sea turtle, herbarium exhibit, owls, lichen, 600 million years of earth history, woolly mammoth, shark teeth, Leroy Norton exhibits, Maine slate, passenger pigeon, cephalopods, fossil fish from Wyoming, trilobites, fossil plants of Carboniferous period, exhibits from geo-ecology club field trips, pertica quadrifaria (the Maine state mineral), the abacus, Tourmaline (the Maine state mineral), insect and spider exhibits including those in the south stairwell, insect coloration and camouflage, geological timeline and more, including those on the second floor. 

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    Oakfield Historical Railroad MuseumOakfield Railroad Museum Oakfield, Maine
    The Oakfield Railroad Museum is devoted to showcasing the early years of the railroad industry, housed in the original Oakfield railroad depot, with hundreds of photographs with some more than a 100 years old, signal lanterns, vintage signs, newspapers, advertising pieces, telegraph equipment, a hand car, original railroad maps, a motor car, a weathervane from the top of the old water tower that had to be demolished in 1982, a C-66 caboose and restored mail carts. The museum and its historic depot have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and especially designed for the whole family to enjoy together, with outstanding memorabilia and various railroading treasures from the past.  The depot is a former Bangor and Aroostook Railroad station that was constructed in the early 20th century and opened in May of 1991, with many old B & A relics, a reading room with a lot of historical materials and more.

April 21, 2011