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    Museo Juan Pablo IIMuseo Juan Pablo II Puerto Montt, Chile
    This museum houses an excellent collection of relics from the region, with an outstanding interpretive display of the Monte Verde archaeological excavation that discovered bones believed to be 12,000 years old, as well as an open air museum of railroad exhibits next to the museum. During the 1950s to the early 1980s, the structure was the Mercado de la Rampa, the main marketplace of the city, but after Pope John Paul II's visit in 1987, it would become a museum. They created an exhibit with many articles used by the pope, and houses other displays that look at the geologic and human history from the last glacial age to the colonial village that Mellipuli and German immigrants would build in the 19th century. Another exhibit showcases the port during the 1930s, the destruction of the city by the 1960 earthquake and the rebuilding of the city. It also houses exhibits about the history of Chiloe, natural history, archaeology, the maritime history of the region and the German colonization.

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    Casa del Arte Diego RiveraCasa del Arte Diego Rivera Puerto Montt, Chile
    This art gallery in downtown Puerto Montt, Chile was opened in 1964, when the wife of Mexican President, Eva Samano de Lopez Mateos arrived to inaugurate it, named after the famous Mexican painter and muralist Diego Rivera, to thank the people of Mexico for its generous help in constructing this magnificent venue for artists and painters in the region; and to replace the old "boat house" that had been entirely destroyed by the earthquake of 1960. The Mexican government's help had come about thanks to the efforts of ambassador of Mexico and author, Gustavo Ortiz, who had welcomed the idea that was kept alive by the Group of Painters known as Gaston Gomez, Carlos Laroze, Bernardo Olavarria, Arturo Pacheco Altamirano, Manuel Maldonado, Ardy Wistuba and Hector Wistuba among others. During the ensuing years, the gallery would house and showcase the works of local and national artists, and share that space with sculpture, printmaking, dance, photography, ceramics, music, theater and other cultural events.

May 5, 2011