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    Racine Art MuseumRacine Art Museum Racine, Wisconsin
    The Racine Art Museum and its Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts is located in Racine, Wisconsin that was originally founded in 1941 by Jennie E. Wustum, the widow of Charles, that would donate their house, small trust fund and property to the city in hopes of it using the donation to create an art museum and park that could and would benefit future generations of the community. In 1941, her donation would formally become the Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts. The Racine Art Museum (RAM) is in downtown Racine and describes its mission as "to elevate the stature of craft to fine arts by presenting collections of ceramics, fibers, glass, metals and wood alongside painting and sculpture based on similarities in the artist's concepts, rather than strict media categorization". RAM would initially be conceived when Wustum's galleries were only able to show 10 percent of the growing collection every year, so with the help of the SC Johnson Fund and M & I Bank of Racine, the museum was built and opened in 2003. In the 1930s, the collection had just 300 pieces of art from the WPA's Federal Art Project, and started to focus its efforts on acquiring works on paper by artists that had already attained regional and national reputations. It now houses one of the biggest collections of contemporary crafts of any North American museum, that includes big collections of contemporary teapots, artist made jewelry and baskets. Its permanent collection features over 4000 artworks from internationally recognized artists like Dale Chihuly, Toshiko Takaezu, Tim Lowly, Albert Paley, Joel Philip Myers, Arline Fisch and Wendell Castle. Their ceramics contain more than 600 pieces, that includes a 300 ceramic teapot collection that is from the 1950s to the 1990s. Their glass collection contains works from Harvey Littleton, Judy Jensen, Dale Chihuly, Steven Hodder and Joel Philip Meyers.

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    Racine ZooRacine Zoo Racine, Wisconsin
    The Racine zoo sits on 32 acres of shoreline on Lake Michigan in Racine, Wisconsin with over 100 specimens of animals, with its collection concentrating on species native to the state, and includes a room devoted to reptiles and amphibians indigenous to Wisconsin. Their animals are divided into groups like World animals that include; red kangaroo, fennec fox, straw-colored fruit bat, springhaas, blue-eyed black lemur, black-handed spider monkey, ankole-watusi, white-handed gibbon, West Causcasian tur, orangutan, Andean bear, Masai giraffe, Hoffman's two-toed sloth, Amur tiger, Canada lynx, prehensile-tailed porcupine, Eastern black rhinoceros, Transvaal lion and striped skunk plus many others in this category. Amphibians include; tiger salamander, grey tree frog, greater siren, red-eyed tree frog, American toad, Marine toad, pickerel frog, numerous fish and the birds and reptiles. Birds include; ostrich, emu, golden pheasant, African penguin, yellow-crowned Amazon, white-breasted cormorant, American white pelican, black swan, western rosella, cattle egret, Marabou stork, cockatiel and helmeted guineafowl. Reptiles include; bullsnake, American alligator, timber rattlesnake, ornate box turtle, desert tortoise, bearded dragon, western fox snake and many more to interest and excite you and your family for a whole day.

April 28, 2011