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    North Carolina Museum of HistoryNorth Carolina Museum of History Raleigh, North Carolina
    In downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, the North Carolina Museum of History houses permanent collections that concentrate on the state's military history, the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, decorative arts and others, that include a diverse variety of short-term and traveling exhibits; with special programs that include music concerts, family events and craft demonstrations. Their excellent museum shop houses many crafts that have been created throughout the state and other historical items to remind you of this great trip. Frederick Augustus Olds, the father of the North Carolina Museum of History started collecting relics from around the state during the late 19th century, traveling the state and acquiring artifacts of the past and the stories that had been associated with them. Olds had collected a great amount of objects that pertained to the state's history while others seemed quite strange, like a box of rocks; but he did amass a big private collection that he merged with the state's at their museum that would become called the Hall of History and it would open to the public. There were 37 cases that contained everything from a studded shoe buckle owned by James Iredell to the death mask of Confederate general Robert Hoke. In 1914, the historical commission took over operations of the hall of history and then proceeded to move the collection to the Ruffin Building, but that soon filled up and more space was needed. In 1939, it would move to the Education building, with areas specific to relics and exhibits and in 1965, the hall was officially renamed the North Carolina Museum of History and moved to the archives and history/state library building in 1968. In 1988, it broke ground for a new museum between the old state capitol and the newer legislature building, with the new permanent home finished in 1994. It provides a research library, conservation labs, 55,000 square feet of space, a design shop, 315 seat auditorium, museum shop, offices and relic storage space.

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    North Carolina Museum of Natural SciencesNorth Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Raleigh, North Carolina
    The oldest established museum in the state of North Carolina resides in Raleigh, and is the biggest museum of its type in the southeast welcoming some 700,000 visitors each year, and making it the most visited site in the state; named the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. The first floor houses North Carolina's Natural Treasures with outstanding dioramas of wildlife and relics that pertain to the nature of the state, that includes 2000 year old trees and the oldest in the nation that exists east of the Rockies, and the Coastal North Carolina exhibit that includes live sea cucumbers, live sea horse exhibit and fish that are native to the state's coast and inland waterways. Visitors can view the five whale skeletons, including the huge 55 ton sperm whale nicknamed Trouble; and high definition films shown each day in the 250 seat auditorium. The second floor houses Mountains to the Sea with natural habitats from the western mountains and a two story 20 foot waterfall, with snapping turtles and native fishes, the Discovery Room with a hands-on exhibit that offers visitors a chance to pet a cockroach, play games, explore relics or dress up their favorite animal. Nature's Explorers looks at the start of the museum with tools and techniques that naturalists have used for the last century. On the third floor, you'll find Prehistoric North Carolina that chronicles the prehistoric life in the state and southeastern US. Also located on this floor is a big interactive globe that allows visitors to highlight the climate regions of the world, while Tropical Connections looks at the environmental issues with live emerald tree boas and tree frogs. The fourth floor houses the anthropod zoo, the naturalist center, the Acro cafe and the living conservatory with a dry tropical forest with live butterflies, mosquito fish, live Stuart's milk snake, a couple of live ornate wood turtles, a two-toed sloth, tarantula and more.

April 26, 2011