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    Bartholomew House MuseumBartholomew House Museum Richfield, Minnesota
    The Riley Lucas Bartholomew House was built of sawn lumber, and in 1852, when Fort Snelling would be downsized, the area that would eventually become Richfield, Minnesota, became available for settlement. General Riley Lucas Bartholomew arrived in the area and filed a claim on the shores of Wood Lake, and began to construct the two-story part of the house with local lumber, using white pine for the flooring, and his wife, Fanny and their two children would arrive in the spring of 1853. After the two story house was completed, two additions would be brought here from nearby Minnehaha Falls and attaching them to the existing house. Bartholomew would go on to become influential in the local politics, becoming a member of the Republican Constitutional Convention that would frame the state's constitution in 1857. He would also go on to become the representative of District Four to the Minnesota Senate. The Richfield Historical Society operates the house currently. Bartholomew was a native of Ohio, and held the lifetime rank of General in the Ohio militia, and would become a local justice of the peace and become active in the Richfield Methodist Church. He would help construct the community's first schoolhouse, with his brother-in-law, Cincinnatus Gregory, in 1854, and be called the Wood Lake School. The original log schoolhouse served as the city hall until 1874, and the school itself would operate until 1976. The general passed on in 1894, and his son, Winfield, would continue to live on the homestead, and be passed on to various families over the ensuing years until the school board of Richfield would purchase it in 1962 for future use. The society would start efforts in 1967 to have the house preserved for future generations, and in 1979, it would be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The foundation stone is Plattville limestone, quarried from the local river nearby, the addition of the single story sections would make the ceilings of different heights in the house, and in the cellar, it is possible to see the quartered logs that they used for joints.

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    Frederick R. Weisman Art MuseumFrederick R. Weisman Art Museum Richfield, Minnesota
    The Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum is located on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis that is also a teaching museum and has been since 1934, named after Weisman, and designed by Frank Gehry. It is often called a modern art museum because the 20,000 square foot space has a marvelous collection of Alfred Murer, Marsden Hartley, Charles Biederman, Korean furniture and Native American mimbres pottery. The current structure was finished in 1933, with a stainless steel skin fabricated and installed by the A. Zahner Company, who often collaborates with Gehry. It is one of the most recognized landmarks on the campus, sitting on a bluff high above the Mississippi River, at the east end of the Washington Avenue Bridge. It has two faces, depending on which side you are looking at, but from the campus side, it looks like a brick facade that blends in with the existing brick and sandstone buildings, and on the other side, it is a playground of curving and angular brushed steel sheets, like an abstract of a waterfall and fish. Weisman was a Minneapolis native that would become well known as an art collector in Los Angeles and passed away in 1994.

April 21, 2011