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    Cabo Pulmo Marine ParkCabo Pulmo Marine Park San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
    The park is surrounded by undeveloped desert and a beautiful mountain range, that are the perfect contrast to the pristine beaches of Cabo Pulmo Park, with a shallow bay that contains one of the three living reefs, and the only hard coral reef, in North America. This precious piece of property had been unprotected for many years, until 1995, when the community began to realized that if they didn't do something very soon, it would more like the other beautiful areas of Mexico that have become tourist destinations that are overgrown with houses, restaurants, bars and other curiosities designed to encourage visitors to come and spend large amounts of money. In 1995, the government would designate the waters off the shore and the landscape around it into a National Marine Park, although, it has been barraged by pressures from the commercial fishing and abuse from tourists that visit here unawares or uneducated about the majestic beauty and pristineness of this park. It is especially challenging to keep local fisherman that make their living by fishing the waters in this region, so the enforcement of a ban would prove to be both difficult and unpopular. But there are other locals residents, both Mexicans and Americans that live here and are committed to protecting this great marine environment and promoting sustainable fishing practices. This beautiful reef has eight fingers of hard coral reef, that offers and provides a safe environment for the 800 species of marine animals that can be found in the Sea of Cortez, with a very rich biodiversity that is unparalleled and thus a target of overzealous and eager sports and commercial fishermen during the 1980s. As the fish populations began to decline, and the abuses increased, the community and its residents became concerned about their future community and began a process to protect the area.

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    San Jose del Cabo Estuary San Jose del Cabo Estuary Mexico
    the estuary in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico is a marshy lagoon that spans some two thousand acres at the southern end of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, surrounded by low desert lands and a slender band of white sand that divides the estuary from the Sea of Cortez that lies to the south. It is fed by an underground river, called the Rio San Jose, that flows down from the Laguna Mountains close by. This estuary is the biggest body of fresh water in the southern Baja area and has supplied drinking and irrigation water to the town of San Jose del Cabo, that had been founded by Spanish Jesuits in 1730. This mission would be started fairly late in the region's early colonial history, because the local Pericu Indians were more fierce than the mosquitoes that would eventually force the settlement into the hills nearby. Some time before the missionary began, the estuary had been supplying water to the Spanish sailors and explorers that became extremely thirsty in the hot tropical sun, as well as drinking water for the English and Dutch pirates that preyed on the Spanish galleons that were taking the gold and silver from Acapulco to the Philippines. And even before these Europeans arrived in any shape or manner, the Pericu Indians and their ancestors used the estuary for more than just drinking water for thousands of years. Now, the estuary is protected by Mexican law as a natural preserve and sanctuary for hundreds of species of tropical and migratory birds, and many kinds of marine species that include; mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

May 11, 2011