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    Cathedral of San JuanCathedral of San Juan Puerto Rico
    The Cathedral of San Juan Bautista is a magnificent old Roman Catholic cathedral situated in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and one of the oldest structures in the city, and the second oldest in the Western Hemisphere. It is here that the tomb of the Spanish explorer and settlement founder, Juan Ponce de Leon, rests. It would be started in 1521, with the original church being built with wooden walls and a thatched roof that would be destroyed in a hurricane in 1526, then rebuilt in 1540, looted in 1598 and damaged again in 1615, when another hurricane came raging through. The way the church looks today was completed in 1917, after significant restorations were completed. This marvelous church is the rare and authentic example of new world medieval architecture, housing the island's first governor's remains in a marble tomb, Ponce de Leon and the relic of San Pio, a Roman martyr. The cathedral still holds regular masses on a regular basis, but can be explored and enjoyed every day from 8:30 AM to 4 PM. The cathedral has many beautiful stained glass windows that have survived the centuries and looting that would take all of its gold and silver antiquities, but the spirit and love of the church has never left the island. It is a magnificent church that spans the centuries with an outstanding history and many stories about its survival.

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    Bacardi Rum FactoryBacardi Rum Factory San Juan, Puerto Rico
    One of the most favorite ship tours in the opportunity to enjoy rum at the Casa Bacardi in new San Juan, Puerto Rico, that has been said it flows freely in their open-air patio, with excellent tour guides providing an interesting history and stories about the early days of the Bacardi family and their outstanding rum making in this nation. This excellent tour gives you a short video, and chances to compare the smell and color of different kinds of rum, from light to dark, along with flavored types and ends with a mojito making demonstration that also offers great tastings. The tour comes with two drinks, and after you pick up your drink tickets, you have various choices to make, enjoy the tour first, go to the gift shop or sit in the hospitality area where you will served your drinks. You won't be able to take pictures once the tour starts, but you can inside the lobby or anywhere outside. You'll will learn that Bacardi has a bat on its label because it is a symbol of good luck, and a short film that tells about the history of Bacardi, that had actually started in Cuba, but would eventually leave because of political reasons and set up the factory here so that it could avoid the taxes on rum shipped to the US. It wasn't a tour into the actual factory, but gave enough information to make it worthwhile. One of the better moments of the tour is when you head into the salon where a bartender will show and tell you how to make the best drinks with their rum.

May 16, 2011