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    Palacio Consistorial Palacio Consistorial Santiago, Dominican Republic
    This former town hall is now the headquarters of the ministry of culture and the center for cultural programs in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic, housing many excellent contemporary art displays as well as a small museum that describes the history of the city. During its yearly Carnival, the best masks are hung here for all the community to see and enjoy, as well as getting some ideas for next years carnival. El Palacio is one the city's best landmarks as it sits in a tree shaded park, next to the private social club, Sociedad Centro de Recreo, that had been Trujillo's old haunt, and established in 1894 by the Bermudez Rum family. The building can be distinguished by the large tower that rises up from its foundations, having been constructed in the early 16th century, and the original location of the old town hall. It has been renovated numerous times, that would eventually cover its original facade. There was a major remodeling done in the early 1900s that would restore much of the structure's original elegance that is visible today, and is today used mostly for art exhibitions and cultural events. It is said that you can see the tower, with its broken clock from anywhere in the city, which is a great help to visitors since they need only look up and find the tallest tower and know where to go or perhaps where they are just by the relation of the tower to where they are.

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    Cathedral of SantiagoCathedral of Santiago Dominican Republic
    The cathedral dominates the south end of Duarte Square, with pink stucco that is believed by locals to exude a calming effect on those that enter or view it, as well as the park that surrounds it. It was constructed between 1868 and 1895, actually replacing an earlier cathedral that had been destroyed in the earthquake of 1842. This church is a mix of gothic and neoclassical architecture with beautiful stained glass windows that have been designed by local artist Dincon Mora. The cathedral contains the remains of a Santiago native son, in a marble tomb, of Ulises Heureaux, a former dictator.

May 6, 2011