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    St. Maarten MuseumSt. Maarten Museum Netherland Antilles
    The St. Maarten Museum houses the St. Maarten National Heritage Foundation that strives to protect and promote the island's outstanding heritage, beginning in 1993, with a merger between the National Park Foundation and the Museum Foundation. Its exhibits include; pre-Columbian period, hurricane Luis, salt industry, geology, slavery and emancipation, migration period, HMS Proselyte, Fort Amsterdam, flora and fauna, plantation period and national heroes. It also has a marvelous exhibit of the nation's national symbols that include the flag, monuments, Treaty of Concordia, drinks, song, national bird, national tree, national flower, food, border monument, ponum, coat of arms and music. They maintain an excellent reference library that is available for personal and educational reasons, with copy machines available to take out any information you care to get. The gift shop contains many authentic Caribbean objects created by local artists, and others made right in the museum by its volunteers. The island's first inhabitants were called Arawaks, that originated from the Orincoo basin in Venezuela, with numerous archaeological discovers that indicated they arrived here between 600 to 1200 AD, making their living fishing and harvesting the abundance of wild fruits. These ingenious peoples would use stones and shells for tools and other uses, with transportation between the islanders accomplished with a type of canoe called a "piroque". They lived in either temporary settlements or had permanent settlements inland, being a spiritual people that believed in the power of supernatural beings who surrounded them.

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    St. Maarten ZooSt. Maarten Zoo Netherland Antilles
    this is the biggest zoo in the Caribbean, with hundreds of mammals, reptiles and birds that thrive in this tropical garden with the biggest playground on the island. The zoo houses a number of exhibits that house a variety of animals that include; parrots, toucans, monkeys, red-footed tortoise, Anguila bank ameiva and green iguana; as well as many others that call this home. Another strange creature living here is the caiman, something like an alligator, only fatter and smaller, beautiful colored parrots of all sizes and colors of the rainbow, vampire bats, capybara, macaws of all colors and sizes, baboons, raccoons, ostrich and lemurs. Their playground is an interactive pirate ship playground with a variety of other playground equipment that is great fun for kids of all sizes and ages. The zoo has just given birth to baby peacocks, although that term is used for both genders, males are called peacocks, while the females are called peahens, and together they would be called peafowl. The zoo's caiman arrived when it outgrew its habitat in a local restaurant, and has been here for many years. The Caiman are considered small crocodilians and come from Central and South America, with the biggest growing to just a few feet. They certainly look more like an alligator with its broad short snout, but the zoo calls it a caiman and stated that they are part of the crocodile family.

May 11, 2011