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    Wyatt HouseWyatt House Summerside, Canada
    The Wyatt House Museum in Summerside, PEI, Canada was the home of one of Prince Edward Island's most prominent residents, Wanda Lefurgey Wyatt and has been restored to its former original condition, having been built in 1867, filled with many excellent and magnificent antique furnishings and provides a chance to look at the life and times of the Wyatt family that lived here for over a century. The house would be built in the year that Canada became a nation, and remained in the Wyatt family until Wanda passed on in 1998 at the age of 102. The lovely house was restored to its original pristine Edwardian condition, filled with outstanding relics the family would bring back from their travels to create a marvelous living house museum. Robert Alder Strong, a local merchant, was the original owner, and it is believed that his brother, Charles, a Summerside customs house agent, would then live in it. John E. Lefurgey would purchase it in 1887 at a public auction from the Allison estate, and his daughter, Cecelia, would later marry a young lawyer from Charlottetown named James "Ned" Wyatt; getting the house in 1893. Wyatt would serve two terms in the legislature and eventually rose to become Speaker of the House from 1912 to 1916, while his two daughters, Dorothy and Wanda, were born and lived in the house throughout their lives. The house had originally been quite simple in appearance, but the Wyatts would embellish it during their tenure. The classically inspired front porch and Palladian windows in the attic, that faces west and east were added in the early 20th century, with Miss Wyatt's diaries recording the many changes that were made in 1928.

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    Indian Head LighthouseIndian Head Lighthouse Summerside, Canada
    The Indian Head lighthouse in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada was built in 1881 to mark the entrance to the harbor, constructed on a concrete base a few hundred feet from the shoreline, with a rock breakwater that gives access to the lighthouse, as well as protecting it from the ice and waves. The original lighthouse was an octagonal tower that rose from the midst of a dwelling that sat on a circular iron caisson with a foundation that is beneath the low-water mark. The tower was 42 feet high, and could show a white light to every seaward point and a red light between the bearings of N. N. E. 1/2 E. and N. E. 1/2 E. The white light would be modified in 1882 to show the white between Seacow Head and the most southern point of Mischouche Shoals that is west of the lighthouse. The main floor of the lighthouse contained the dwelling area that was divided into three rooms that included a living room, kitchen and storage room, with the bedroom above these. The siding on the lower parts would be replaced in 1894, and replaced with a covering of tarred felt with cedar shingles over that. Storm sashes would be installed on all the windows, and the last detail would be two coats of paint.

May 4, 2011