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    Museo Para La Identidad NacionalMuseo Para La Identidad Nacional Tegucigalpa, Honduras
    The National Identity Museum (MIN) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras occupies the old Palace of the Ministries in the downtown area, that had been constructed in 1882 in the late neoclassical design, and made a National Monument by the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History. The structure had been built to house the General Hospital headquarters, and then occupied by various state agencies that included the Ministry of Defense, the Communications, Justice and Interior offices as well as numerous foreign offices; but the General Treasury that would be located there would give its name as the Palacio de los Ministrios. After the building went through some extensive remodeling to accommodate relics and other sensitive materials, like the lighting, humidity levels, fire detection and security, the museum opened with all the latest advances in technology. It contains the latest communications and information systems to enhance the presentation of the exhibits and to improve the historical documentation and sense of national identity. The structure is considered one of the most eclectic designs of architecture in the city and nation, with a splendid shield of the nation engraved on the facade and stairs. It is a rectangular structure with flat facades and three separate courtyards. The placement of pilasters and windows help to break up the monotony of the repetitive elements that have been caused by the moldings and horizontal lines. The first floor pillars and its capitals were created in the Corinthian style, but the second floor columns were made from various compounds and each is capped with a cornice. The entire base is carved stone, as well as the corners that also assist in the style and design of the building. Their exhibits include outstanding works of art created by local artisans, a presentation about Copan Archaeological Park and numerous international exhibitions that are being shown for the first time in the nation.

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    Presidential PalacePresidential Palace Tegucigalpa, Honduras
    The former Presidential palace in Tegucigalpa, Honduras had been one of the most significant structures in the city's center, as well as being the center of political and military power for the nation, and one of the finest examples of architecture in the city. One of the museum's former directors stated that the building is very eclectic, with elements of French styling from the 19th century, including the massive dome that covers the main hall and building, that is medieval or neoclassical with gothic arches and crenellated tower. The dome that was created in the French renaissance revival style seems mesh seamlessly with the circular towers and crenellated walls that were built in the neo-classical style. The Italian architect, Augusto Bressani would begin the project, but when armed uprisings began, he would leave the country and the task would fall to his assistant, the engineer M. A. Zelaya. It was built using pink stone that had been quarried near the city, and used in many other structures because of its quantity and close location. There are many original mosaics that had been designed by Alberto Belluci, another Italian that came to the country to build a tile and marble factory, in the turn of the century, in a nearby city called, Comayaguela. Dr. Miguel Paz Baraona would be the first inhabitant of the building, in 1925, although many of the other offices would still be occupied by ministers of the country. After Baraona vacated the structure, Vicente Mejia Colindres and many other dignitaries would stay in the building, until 1992, when the former president, Rafael Leonardo Callejas Lic would want the executive powers to be moved into a new building in the Miraflores district.

May 9, 2011