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    Regional MuseumRegional Museum Temuco, Chile
    This museum in Temuco, Chile houses almost 3000 cultural heritage relics that has made it the main regional museum in the nation with historic, archaeological, photographic, archaeological, pictorial and ethnographical collections. In one exhibit that showcases Mapuche 17th century silverworks and cured leather products that have become a main attraction in this city in its downtown location. The museum is housed in a mansion that was constructed in 1924 and houses awesome exhibits of Mapuche ethnology, anthropology and archaeology. Another exhibits describes the wars between the indigenous nations and the Spanish-Chilean invaders, with an eventual peace treaty that would bring in hordes of European immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Another interesting exhibit is a photographic display of early Temuco that includes buildings that would be destroyed in the earthquake of 1960. All the exhibits are well presented, however, they are written in Spanish only, so you might need an interpreter or see if the museum has an audio recorded guide in English or whatever language you might prefer.  When the Spaniards arrive in the area that would become Chile, the Mapuches had been living here for hundreds of years between the Itata and Tolten Rivers, and calling themselves; Mapuche, mapu meaning earth and che meaning people so they considered themselves to be earth people, but the Spaniards would name them after the area where they constructed their first fort, araucanos. While this is just part of the history of these marvelous people, their art, culture, theater, music and literature would continue to live on despite the Spanish presence, and today is thriving and a part of the cultural heritage of all Chileans.  

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    Pablo Neruda Railway MuseumPablo Neruda Railway Museum Temuco, Chile
    The Temuco Railway Museum was originally opened to celebrate the centenary of Pablo Neruda's birth, who was one of the country's best poet, but houses a railroad museum with old trains that had a great influence in the area, which is supposed to help you understand and appreciate Neruda's poems much better. Until 2001, the station had belonged to the Chilean State Railway Company, and then would be turned over to the city council with all its machinery, green areas and equipment. Evidently Pablo had spent the bigger part of his life in this railway station. Neftali Reyes Basoalto would grow up among the machines that his father, a train engineer, would drive between Temuco and Santiago, and since his entire life would become affiliated with the tracks and trains, it explains why they would have to become part of his centenary celebration. The museum houses a large number of engines, wagons and carriages, with each piece containing information about itself, like the model, weight, year constructed and other resource materials. Visitors are allowed and encouraged to walk through the cars and engines, as well as the most favorite which is the presidential carriage. This special train was called ES No. 1 (Special Service) and manufactured in Germany in 1923 by the Linke Hofmann Lauchhammer factory, that was to be used by the general director of the FF.CC. In 1954, the President of Argentina, Juan Domingo Peron, would visit Chile and use this as his official carriage. Over the years, the train has been used by Presidents Jorge Alessandri Rodriguez, Eduardo Frei Montalva, Salvador Allende Gossens and Patricio Aylwin Azocar, and later, Gabriela Mistral would enjoy the comfort and elegance of the carriage after her official reception in Valparaiso in the 1950s. This carriage contains two suites, a Normandy style living-dining room car furnished in black leather and a veneer of walnut tree roots.

May 5, 2011