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    Museum of New Zealand Museum of New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand
    The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is the national museum of this unique nation that is situated in Wellington, and commonly known as the Te Papa and Our Place; with the words Te Papa Tongarewa meaning that has been broadly translated as "the place of treasures of this land". The first museum would be called the Colonial Museum and founded in 1865, constructed on Museum Street, but in the mid 1930s it would be relocated to a new structure on Buckle Street, where the National Art Gallery of the country had been located. Te Papa was started in 1992, and its official opening was in 1998. It welcomed over one million visitors in its first five months, with more than a million people coming here each year since. In 2004, a long term exhibition would be opened called Toi Te Papa: Art of the Nation, and dedicated to showcasing the exciting artworks from the New Zealand collection. Today, the museum sits on the waterfront in Wellington, with six stories of exhibitions, gifts shops and cafes that are dedicated to the country's environment and culture. It has uniquely incorporated outdoor areas with wetlands, native bushes and artificial caves, with a second building housing a research building and storage area, but not open to the public. The structure contains more than 360,000 square feet of space and has thousands of lights controlled by computer. Its exhibits include; culture, history, natural history, archives, library and exhibitions that include; awesome forces, Toi Te Papa Art of the Nation, Mountains to the Sea, passports, Bush City, Golden days, blood, earth, fire, signs of a nation, Mana Whenua and the Marae and Tangata o le Moana. The museum has been steeped in some very controversial subjects that can be discovered at the museum.

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    Alexander McKay Geological MuseumAlexander McKay Geology Museum Wellington, New Zealand
    This geological museum in Wellington, New Zealand is filled with a treasure of everything that pertains to geology, and has become a perfect place to learn more about this fascinating field, with its outstanding collections of minerals, rocks, fossils, and anything else that relates to it. The museum is named after and dedicated to the well known geologist, Alexander McKay, who had been born in Scotland and migrated to this nation, and would do much to advance the field and help begin this amazing museum. His best known achievement would be to free the New Zealand earth scientists from a wisdom borrowed from the Europeans, and help them see, interpret and report the individuality of New Zealand geology. The museum is located in the Cotton Building of Victoria University and houses some of the world's most unusual minerals, rocks and fossils, since this country is so different from any others on the earth. You'll find out why this country is called the "shaky isles" and more, with the opportunity to touch, feel, smell and anything else you might want to do with the exhibits that are dedicated to geology. And admission is free so you can use your money for other vacation or traveling needs, but still learn and discover more about this nation from its great museums.

May 12, 2011