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    Abigail Adams Historical Society, Inc. WeymouthAbigail Adams Historical Society, Inc. Weymouth, Massachusetts
    This is the birthplace of Abigail Smith Adams, and was constructed in 1685, where she would become the daughter of Rev. William Smith and Elizabeth Quincy Smith, and when you visit her "chamber", you can almost see her sitting at her desk writing with a quill, to her future husband, the second President of the United States, John Adams. In October, 1764, when she was just twenty years old, Abigail would be married by her father to "her best friend" at her childhood home. Abigail would become the mother of another US President, John Quincy Adams, and a life long correspondence between Abigail and John would allow us today to learn more about this family and the birth of a nation; ours. In 1947, the Abigail Adams Historical Society would purchase the estate to restore, preserve and maintain this historical treasure for all Americans to visit and learn more about this woman and her contributions to this country. It is furnished with 18th century materials, about the time that Abigail lived in the house. Like many girls of that period, Abigail wouldn't be able to get a formal education, so she would read the books in her father's library, and study the Bible, learning philosophy, essays, poetry and history. She would learn the social skills from her mother and grandmother Quincy who would also teach her homemaking and handiwork skills, that would later enable her to become a keen political observer, influential First Lady and prolific writer. Her marriage to John would produce three sons and two daughters and last for over fifty years. Abigail would have to endure alone, the wartime shortages, difficult living conditions and lack of income, but still, she would run the household, farm and take time to educate her children; and write long, witty, supportive and strong. These fantastic missiles have been preserved so that we can learn about her life during these difficult times, and the many dangers and challenges that she had to face as a young nation fought for its independence and trials.

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    Jefferson Cutter HouseJefferson Cutter House Weymouth, Massachusetts
    The Jefferson Cutter House is a historic structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the heart of Arlington, Massachusetts, and houses the Dallin Art Museum, that was dedicated to the sculptor Cyrus Dallin, who had been a long-time resident of the city. He was born in Springville, Utah in 1861, and his sculpting and artistic talents would be noticed at an early age. He would be sent to Boston at age 19 to study under T. H. Bartlett, and today, Dallin is recognized as one of the most significant sculptors of American art. He would discover that the road he chose to follow would rocky, but his perseverance and dedication would show his undaunting need to complete what he started, and one of his greatest trials would the 58 year trial to get an equestrian statue of Paul Revere funded and made, taking him seven versions before the final work would be erected in 1940 in the historic North End of Boston. He would pass away at his home in Arlington in 1944, just one day shy of his 83rd birthday.

April 21, 2011