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    Hagley Museum and LibraryHagley Museum and Library Wilmington, Delaware
    The Hagley Museum and Library that sits in Wilmington, Delaware was created to collect, interpret and preserve the history of American enterprise and houses a magnificent significant research collection that is comprised of pamphlets, manuscripts, books, archives and photographs that document the history of American business and technology. The museum displays history from the early years of the du Pont family and corporation in the Brandywine Valley, and showcases the original du Pont mills, gardens and estate; opening in 1957. The museum and library occupy 235 acres on the banks of the Brandywine Creek, with exhibits and demonstrations showing the link between the early industrial technology and early American history, as well as providing personal stories of the people that worked for the duPont company during the 19th century, their style of living and lifestyles that would change during a century that included new machines and new production methods for their working environments. It all would start in 1802, when a French immigrant, Eleuthere Irenee du Pont, picked the banks along the Brandywine Creek to build his black powder mills, since it already had the necessary water needed, plenty of timber all around and willow trees that was used to make good charcoal that was necessary for the best black powder, the closeness of the Delaware River for transporting good into and out of the factory and the quarries of granite that offered the building materials for the mills. The E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company's black powder factory would become the biggest in the world, and in 1921, the mills located along the creek closed and plots of the land would be sold. During their 150th anniversary in 1952, the company made plans to start a museum and since the site had began the du Pont legacy, it would be the perfect place for the museum and situated on the DuPont Historic Corridor. The museum and grounds contain the first du Pont house and garden in the nation, the 19th century machine shop and powder yards.

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    Nemours Mansion and GardensNemours Mansion and Gardens Wilmington, Delaware
    this mansion and its fabulous gardens are located on 300 acres of the former country estate with jardin a la franciase formal gardens and classical French mansion in Wilmington, Delaware that looks more like a chateau and houses over seventy rooms that are spread across five floors that contain almost 47,000 square feet of space. It shares the grounds with the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children and both facilities are owned by the Nemours Foundation that is part of the DuPont legacy and historic corridor. Nemours was constructed by Alfred I. du Pont in 1909 and 1910, and named after a French town that was affiliated with his great-great-grandfather, Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours; and built in the Louis XVI-Rococo style of French architecture. The mansion houses rare French 18th century furniture through the entire house and also has an eclectic collection of noteworthy antiques, tapestries and works of art. This magnificent mansion houses artworks from the 16th century religious works to paintings by the European masters and early American works by such famous artists as Sidney Lawrence and Frederic Remington. Well worth mentioning is the rare antique Louis XVI musical clock that was made in 1785 by Peter Kinzing and David Roentgen, that plays four different tunes on a pipe organ and dulcimer. The grounds contain the most developed and biggest jardin a la francaise style landscaping park and collection of individual gardens in North America. These grounds are magnificently landscaped with statuary, garden pools, plantings, fountains and a pavilion that is encompassed by naturalized woodlands and feature a boxwood garden, the Temple of Love, in classical style with life sized statue of Diana from 1780 by Jean-Antoine Houdon, the colonnade that is a memorial to Pierre du Pont de Nemours and his son, Eleuthere that was designed by Thomas Hastings, the sunken gardens, the maze garden and the reflecting pool.

April 15, 2011