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    Warner Brothers Studios ToursWarners Brothers Studeios
    If visiting Burbank you really must take the time to visit Warner Brothers Studios and take a tour. There is really no comparison and its something you can only do while in Burbank. Unless the entire studio decides to up and move that is, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. If you watch T.V. or movies then you have probably seen a production of Warner Brother Studios. Some of their popular hits include The Hobbit, Batman, gossip Girls, Shameless, Friends, and many many more shows and movies. The studios in Burbank are the actually locations where many of these hits shows are taped and produced at. It’s a wonderful place to visit with friends and family. They offer tours of the studios in three different types. Each one has a cost that goes along with it there is the VIP tour which is about 2 hours and a great experience, a 15 minute tour that I pretty cheap but quite fun, and finally a Deluxe package that is more expansive but really worth the money. It’s a 5 hour tour and really worth the extra money. People that I’ve talked to say that sometimes they pick people from the deluxe tours to be extras on sets. The VIP tour is the most popular and really great. Each tour is unique based on the members interests in the tour and which shows are taping. You get to go behind the cameras and see how the shows are filmed.

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    Racer's Edge Indoor KartingRacer's Edge Indoor Karting
    If you are looking for a place to go with friends for a fun time Racer’s Edge indoor karting in Burbank California is the spot. Racer’s Edge is one of a kind and has a really awesome night racing. It is the only location I have ever seen that offers black light go karting. The karts and walls are painted with to react with backlights. Giving you the opportunity to race in a neon environment. It looks a lot like blight light putt putt golf but with high powered go Karts. Black light racing is every Friday and Saturday night from 8 pm to midnight. The track is really fun each race is 2.5 miles and each lap has 9 turns. Each race is 1 laps so there is lots and lots of opportunities to catch up if you fall behind in the face. The karts aren’t the run of the mill kiddy karts but are Sodi designed karst that are used by kart racing professionals. The Karts are also electric and if you know anything about electric engines you know they offer more power then gas engines. Which means quitter karts that go faster. Racer’s Edge is the only place in the United States that uses these Sodi Electric Karts and it is a fun experience.

March 16, 2013