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    Charleston Waterfront Park, South Carolina Charleston Waterfront Park
    Vacation in Charleston South Carolina can be a great time. There are lots of family friendly attractions to enjoy. If you are seeking sometime out in the beautiful sun then be sure to take advantage of the Charleston Waterfront Park. It is an absolutely beautiful park that you must enjoy. The gardens and grasses are well kept and there is hardly every a blade of grass out of order. The fountains are really a cool part of the park. Kids of all ages are encouraged to step right up and enjoy the cool waters and take in the surrounding beauty. The park is right next to the harbor entrance where all the big boats drive by. It’s really cool to sit on the dock and watch the huge freighters and cruise ships drive past. If you can manage to get their attention the ships sometime blow their horn for you. Walking paths throughout the park are also really beautiful. They range from paved roads to wooden piers and cover miles gardens. The Charleston Waterfront Park is a great place to take your family when you want to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

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    Middleton PlaceMiddleton Place, South Carolina
    There are often times while we are on vacation that we just want to get back and relax. Take a peaceful stroll through a garden, take in the rays and work on the tan, or visit an 18th century rice plantation. Middleton Place is an 18th century rice plantation that has survived the test of time and today is a beautiful garden and museum. The plantation today is 65 acres and is one of American’s all time oldest Landscaped gardens. When I visited the plantation it was in the fall and it was beautiful outside. The trees were amber and there was an ample number of leaves on the ground but that just added to the natural beauty of the plantation. The house was built way back in 1755 and still has the original family furniture, silver, and many other rear pieces of history. As you take a tour of the house you will see where the family used to live and the family portraits that still hang as they did nearly 300 years ago. The stable yard has been refurbished from its original form and today demonstration’s to guests how African American slaves would have tended the cattle in the past. Admission to the gardens and stable yard is $28 for adults, $15 for students and $10 for kids under 13. If you want to step inside the house and take a tour it is just $15 bucks a piece. The price is a little high but its well kept and the money goes towards keeping the doors open. It’s a great experience and would recommend it to everyone.

March 18, 2013