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    St. Louis Cathedral St. Louis Cathedral New Orleans, Louisiana
    this magnificent cathedral is also known as the Basilica of St. Louis, King of France and is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans and is the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the nation, with the original church constructed in 1718, the third in 1789, which would be raised to cathedral level in 1793, and it would be rebuilt in 1850, with expansions and enlargements changing the majority of the original third church from 1789. It is situated in the French Quarter of the city, on the Place John Paul II and faces the Mississippi River and is one of the few in the nation that fronts a significant public square. Since it is such an old church, it definitely has a long history, and in 1909, a dynamite bomb would be set off in the interiors, that blew out the windows and damaged many galleries; and before all could be repaired, it would sustain more substantial damage in the New Orleans Hurricane of 1915. Then, to make matters worse, part of the foundation would fall, causing the church to be closed while they repaired it, taking a year to do so, from Easter, 1916 until Easter, 1917. In 1964, Pope John Paul VI would visit and make the church a minor basilica, coming again in 1987; with more than 6000 members in the congregation. Hurricane Katrina, that would devastate the entire city, would merely displace two huge oak trees in the St. Anthony garden that is located behind the cathedral, and tear away thirty feet of ornamental gates, as well as the marble statue of Jesus losing a forefinger and thumb. The worst damage would be to the roof, however, since rain water would be able to seep in and severely damage the Holtkamp pipe organ.

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    Historic New Orleans CollectionHistoric New Orleans Collection New Orleans, Louisiana
    this collection is part of a museum, research center and publisher, that is devoted to the study and preservation of the history and culture of the city and the gulf south region of the country. It is situated in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana and was started in 1966 by General and Mrs. L. Kemper Williams so that their outstanding collection of Louisiana materials could be preserved and made available for exhibitions to the public and research. The museum contains the Williams gallery, a museum shop, the Williams residence, the Louisiana History galleries and a house museum. The Williams Research Center opened in 1996 to make the excellent holdings available to researchers, and include some 350,000 paintings, photographs, prints, drawings and other relics, along with 35,000 library items. Some of their more outstanding exhibitions have included the Battle of New Orleans to the development of New Orleans cuisine to the modern subjects like the Sugar Bowl and Hurricane Katrina. The museum and its fabulous exhibits are free to the public. In 2001, the museum would acquire the biggest collection of Tennessee Williams materials in the world that had been the property of Fred Todd. There are many more splendid collections that belong to the museum and would be a fantastic place to visit when around the city of New Orleans.

February 22, 2013